Meeting Minutes – 11/17/15

Hello PSOC members, we met last night and it was great. Everyone remember to wear orange in the woods this fall, as hunting season is in full swing! Also, KT proved herself a qualified elementary school graduate, by drawing a beautiful thanksgiving hand-turkey, and winning a beverage cozy for her efforts as part of this week’s physical challenge.



Cherry Springs – It may not have been a PSOC trip, but someone finally went to cherry springs. On the star gazing field they saw many shooting stars, but quickly retreated from the cold and gorged on Chinese food in the tent. They also hiked the golden eagle trail to the scenic vista known colloquially as Reagan’s Horn.

Ferguson Elementary – Children at this local elementary school and the staff watching them agreed that our PSOC members were the best visitors they’ve ever had. A small crew of PSOC taught the kids simple lessons on packing a backpack, wildlife safety, water filtration, whitewater kayaking, and more. They also entertained many fun questions and many irrelevant stories about dogs. Stay tuned, as more community outreach events are likely to occur this spring!

Milton Rock Gym – Though all agreed that “bouldering takes balls,” that did not stop PSOC’s men and women alike from getting great climbing practice in at the amply furnished rock gym one hour away.

The Twin Towers – Some people who happen to be in PSOC completed an overnight backpacking trip that went all the way from Little Flat Fire Tower to Greenwood Furnace Fire Tower, which includes some of the biggest, steepest climbs in our local Rothrock State Forest.

Bald Eagle Baddies – Though the guy with the map was a no-show, nothing could stop this crew of kids from getting a hike in this past Saturday. They enjoyed a leisurely loop hike in bald eagle state forest, although no one could remember where exactly they were in this massive network of trails. Remember kids, always make sure you have a map before you go!


Kayak Pool Sessions – 11/18, 8-10pm – No spots remain for the upcoming pool session, but there will be a final session this semester on 12/9. The first 12 people to give Aaron Fleishman $5 will be signed up to receive professional whitewater kayaking instruction. Gear is provided, and if you have your own gear feel free to just show up (with $5). All experience levels welcome. Email to for more info.

            Kayak Practice Sessions at Spring Creek – These will occur weekly. Email to get involved.

Governer Dick Bouldering Competition – 11/21 – Join PSOC’s veteran climber Sam DeVries and compete in this outdoor climbing competition at Governor Dick State Park. For $20 registration you get a t-shirt and a burrito. Email her at to get on the waitlist.

Polar Bear Plunge – 12/12 – Rick Devery is planning this year’s annual polar plunge, a great chance for PSOCers to test their limits of cold endurance and skills of treating mild hypothermia. We’ll be getting up bright and early, likely on finals week or the preceding weekend. The plunge will likely be followed by a hike and some hot chocolate to warm up afterwards. If interested, email

Centralia – 12/13 – This ghost town in the heart of PA’s coal country was abandoned after underground coal mines caught fire. Over 50 years later, many of these fires still burn. If interested in witnessing this eerie spectacle of urban decay, email


Officer Elections: Canoe Division Chair – 12/8 – PSOC will be designating a new officer to take charge of the PSOC’s growing canoe division. We are looking for an experienced paddling enthusiast willing to plan the logistics of various paddling events such as pool sessions and spring creek practice, as well as communicate with Adventure Rec who currently houses all PSOC paddling gear. At our December 8th meeting, candidates will give a short speech and then all club members attending will vote. Email us at or talk to an officer if you’re interested in running.

Free U on XC Skiing – 11/18, 7-8 pm – Come to Appalachian Outdoors, your local outfitter, to hear Geoff share his cross-country skiing wisdom. He will be talking about where to go, how to stay safe, warm, and comfortable, and what kind of gear to wear, etc. There will be light refreshments, and admission is free.

Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows at the State Theatre – 11/19, 7 pm –  This year’s installment of the iconic winter sports film series celebrates why skiers and snowboarders commit themselves every winter to a passion that’s guaranteed to melt away every Spring. And, as always, Warren Miller’s annual film tradition marks the beginning of colder weather, winter exploration, and premier cinematography that reignites the excitement for winter sports. Warren Miller once said, “A pair of skis is the ultimate transportation to freedom.” Tickets can be purchased at Appalachian Outdoors, $10 for Adults and $8 for Students.

Logo Design Competition – A call to all aspiring artists! We’d like to see your ideas for the new PSOC logo, to be printed on the next batch of t-Shirts and live on for decades on torsos of alumni. We will accept any format, even a doodle in your notebook. Email submissions to or bring them in to a meeting by December 8th.

Forty-Four Mile Fall Foliage Fun-test – Please show us the beautiful photos you have taken this fall within 41 miles of the sundial on the old main lawn. Winners will receive some fabulous prizes! ENTER HERE

Check us out on Instagram @psuoutingclub. Hashtag photos #psoc to get featured!

Check out the collaborative spotify playlist. Perfect music to get you pumped on a drive out to the woods!

Check out our facebook group!


Fundraising season is in full swing! Benefit PSOC’s efforts to fight pediatric cancer by buying yankee candle’s in this fundraiser. CLICK HERE for more info
Also come to the “meeting after the meeting” next week to send get THONvelopes to request for donations from friends and family.



If you want to become an official member, please come to the next meeting with a completed participation agreement (in pen), and club dues in cash ($30 for y! ear, $20 for one semester). All members must have health insurance, but are no longer required to provide proof.

Benefits of membership include:

– being able to go on trips

– free gear rental from Penn State Adventure Recreation

– 10% discount at Appalachian Outdoors

– discounted Rock Climbing at the State College YMCA

– being irresistibly attractive

– being involved in a community of outdoors-people at Penn State!


Safety Officers

– Provide scanned copies of your certifications for CPR/AED and First Aid. Certifications a! re only accepted from the American Red Cross, American Heart Associatio! n, and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

– Complete Safety Officer Form



– Complete Vehicle Authorization Form

– Submit and print the Vehicle Authorization Form and have it signed by the vehicle owner (whoever’s name is on the registration)

– Provide scanned copies of your up-to-date Vehicle Registration, Auto Insurance, and Driver’s License

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