Meeting Minutes – 2/9/16

Hey you sexy outdoorswomen and outdoorsmen, if you didn’t make it out to the Outing Club meeting last night then you sure missed a good one. We had a talk from local whitewater kayaker Knox Hammack, who showed us some videos of his recent trip to Mexico where they kayaked over multiple 60+ foot waterfalls and had to extract an injured friend from a canyon 140 feet deep. He’s the only person I’ve ever heard refer to a paddling off a 30 foot waterfall as “chill.”


Sledding at Slab Cabin Park – 2/13 – This Sunday, I’m organizing a group of people to go over to the local sledding hill. Email me at, and let me know if you can drive or if you have a sled. There may be hot chocolate involved.

Rothrocking – 2/13 – With the trip to cherry springs cancelled once again for bad weather, Ricky Waltz is leading a day hike in our local state forest. Email him at if interested.

High Peaks in the Dax – 2/19-21 – A crew of six is planning to summit a series of mountains in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. Being more technical than most trips, the trip list is full and gear reservations are made.

Kayaking Pool Sessions – 2/24, 7:30-10:30 pm – If you’re looking to learn the basics of whitewater kayaking in the safe, comfortable environment of the McCoy Natatorium, or are already an experienced paddler looking just to practice and play around, future pool sessions occur 3/23 and 4/13. All cost $5 to attend, email to sign up.

Frostbite Climbing Competition – 2/27 – Pat Thornton is leading a group of PSOC climbers to this indoor bouldering competition at the Climbnasium in Mechanicsburg. They will also be practicing regularly at the local YMCA. Email him at if interested in either opportunity, and be sure to join the PSOC Climbing Division facebook page.

Quehanna Trail – 2/26-28 – Connor McInerney is leading a small crew of hikers to this trail in the remote regions of Elk and Moshannon state forest. Email him at if interested!

Winter Backpacking 101 – 2/27-28 – Aaron Fleischmann is looking to show some beginner backpackers how to stay warm and happy in the cold local wilderness. Email him at to signup, he is especially in need of a co-leader.

Puerto Rico – 3/6-12 – PSOC is pleased to announce this 10-person spring break trip. There, we can camp on the beach, traverse rainforests, climb mountains, and immerse into a vibrant culture without leaving the US, all in one week. Email Nate Moorman at if interested. Participants are responsible for the cost of airfare, restaurant meals, and spending money.

Red Moshannon Downriver Race – 3/26 – PSOC is planning to return, at long last, to this race we started way back in 1967. We will be competing for the glory and for the fun, and all experience levels are welcome. If you’d like to compete, send an email to Aaron Fleishman at or Alex Vesey at and try to attend some of the upcoming pool sessions for practice.


Adventure Rec Gear Deal – In an overwhelming majority, our club voted for another year of the gear sharing deal with Adventure Rec for the one-time cost of $1500. With no increase in dues, we will have access to adventure rec’s massive amount of various outdoors gear for both official PSOC trips and your own personal expeditions.

2016 THON Dance Marathon – 2/19-21 – Outing Club THON has selected Taylor Bell and Emily Donahue to represent our organization in this year’s 46-hour dance marathon. Come on out to the BJC and join us in the stands to cheer them on as they dance for the kids and for a cure!

Telemark Ski Lessons @ Tussey Mountain – Maddie Nyblade is interested in learning how to telemark ski downhill. Like a cross-country ski, this style of ski is fixed at the toe but allow free movement of your ankle, and offers a useful means of backcountry transportation both down and up hills. Email her at, she can provide a ride and has a set of size 8 women’s telemark boots and skis to loan out.

Winter Photo Contest – Now Open for entries! Want to show off some cool photos taken this winter? Enter online HERE or on Instagram with #psocwinterwonderland.

“Severe Weather” Talk – 2/29, 6:30-7:30 pm – The RPTM society is hosting a National Weather Service speaker on severe weather, in the Foster Auditorium (102 Paterno Library). If you want to hear from the people who track and chase our nation’s most intense storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, don’t miss this talk!

Casting for Family Survival on Discovery Channel – Think your family has what it takes to survive in the most remote places on earth? Ready to heroically battle the elements as you find water, forage for food, and build shelter? From the creators of the Emmy Nominated Discovery series “Naked and Afraid” comes a brand new survival show for families. Families will be clothed as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime to an international destination. They will work together conquering storms, starvation, predators and prey in their quest to survive. Participating family members must be 18 or older. Families can be compact and nuclear, blended and extended, and may include grandparents, parents, children, partners, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces and friends. Email if interested.


Check out our website, and join the facebook page for the outing club, our canoe division, the climbing division, and the THO! N group.

All forms are available here, please bring complete forms into a meeting or arrange a rendezvous with an PSOC officer by replying to this email.

Membership – If you want to become an official member, please come to the next meeting with a completed participation agreement (in pen), and club dues in cash ($30 for year, $20 for one semester). All members must have health insurance, but are no longer required to provide proof.

Safety Officers – Provide scanned copies of your certifications for CPR/AED and First Aid, then turn in the safety officer form. Certifications are only accepted from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

Drivers – A) Complete Vehicle Authorization Form, B) Submit and print the vehicle authorization form and have it signed by the vehicle owner (whoever’s name is on the registration) C) Provide scanned copies of your up-to-date Vehicle Registration, Auto Insurance, and Driver’s License.

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