Meeting Minutes – 3/15/16

Thanks to everyone who came out to last night’s meeting, we heard some awesome trip reports and got some cool announcements along with listening to Tor Nordmark’s presentation about building shelters in the snow. As PSOC’s fledgling mountaineering division continues to grow, we realized there is a lot we still need to learn about surviving in alpine environments!


Puerto Rico Spring Break – Why read about it, when you can watch this awesome video trip report!  TL;DR we camped on the beach, climbed waterfalls, explored the rainforest, bouldered in the surf, and had an awesome time.

Allegheny Front Trail Solo Hike – Tim Hackett spent some time this spring break hiking alone on this local 42 mile loop. He learned that hiking alone is lonely, but also allows you to move at breakneck speeds, enjoy some “pretty food” vistas, and see a lot of trees. A lot of trees.

Chloe&Liz’s Not-So-Bueno Hike – These two PSOCers made a bumbling attempt at the laurel highlands trail. After a respectable 20-mile day (caused by some extra miles added when the trail passed through Seven Springs Ski Resort), they decided not to fall asleep with mice crawling on their sleeping bags.

AT Adventure – Fitting the theme of ill-preparedness, two PSOCers planned an ambitious 42 mile weekend and then realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to happen. They also forgot to buy food, but this problem was solved at a gas station near the trailhead.



Prycl’s Kayak Clinic – 3/19 – PSOC, in preparation for the Red Mo Downriver Race, will be attending this free whitewater kayaking clinic in Latrobe, PA. Email Aaron at if interested.

Pool Session #3 – 3/23, 7:30-10:30 pm –If you’re looking to learn the basics of whitewater kayaking in the safe, comfortable environment of the McCoy Natatorium, or are already an experienced paddler looking just to practice and play around, email to sign up. A future pool session will occur on 4/13, all cost $5 to attend.

Red Moshannon Downriver Race – 3/26 – PSOC is planning to return, at long last, to this race we started way back in 1967. We will be competing for the glory and for the fun, and all experience levels are welcome. If you’d like to compete, send an email to Aaron Fleishman at or Alex Vesey at  Also, try to attend some of the upcoming pool sessions, and join the PSOC Canoe Division Facebook Page to learn about other opportunities to practice.

Tube n’ Chill – 4/2 – Nick Bermudez is taking a crew for a leisurely float in the sun, assuming there is sun. Let him know if you wanna go, drivers are especially in need!

Pine Creek Gorge Paddle&Camp – 4/15-17 – I am pleased to announce PSOC’s first overnight paddling expedition in quite some time. After some friday-night car camping, we’ll float all day saturday, camp riverside that night, and paddle out on sunday. Email me at by the next PSOC meeting (3/22) to be entered into a random drawing for a highly sought-after spot on this trip.

The Punishment Hike – Ricky Waltz will be leading an unnecessarily difficult weekend of backpacking in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Forest. If you’re up for some type 2 fun, send him an email at



Banff Mountain Film Festival – 4/8-9, 7pm – Come out to the State theatre to see the world’s best mountain films! This festival features many incredible outdoor documentaries. PSOC will likely be hosting a table there to get the word out, so email President Moorman at if interested in helping us out with that.

Climbing @ the YMCA – Every Thursday 8-10 pm, Friday 7-9pm, and Sunday 3:30-5:30 – Come on down to the local YMCA and practicing your climbing or learn how to belay. Costs $5, or $3 for PSOC members. If you need a ride, or want to offer a ride to some landlocked underclassmen, Check out the PSOC Climbing Division Facebook Page.



Check out our website, and join the facebook page for the outing club, our canoe division, the climbing division, and the THON Group.

All the following forms are available here, please bring complete forms into a meeting or arrange a rendezvous with an PSOC officer by replying to this email.

Membership – If you want to become an official member, please come to the next meeting with a completed participation agreement (in pen), and club dues in cash ($30 for! year, $20 for one semester). All members must have health insurance, but are no longer required to provide proof.

Safety Officers – Provide scanned copies of your certifications for CPR/AED and First Aid, then turn in the Safety Officer Form. Certifications are only accepted from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

Drivers – A) Complete Vehicle Authorization Form, B) Submit and print the Vehicle Authorization Form and have it signed by the vehicle owner (whoever’s name is on the registration) C) Provide scanned copies of your up-to-date Vehicle Registration, Auto Insurance, and Driver’s License.

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