North Carolina 2009

Organized by: Zach Haas, Jake Catt

The third Thanksgiving trip of Fall 2009 was to Mount Mitchell and areas around it. The trip was originally planned to be ridge hiking, however wintery weather made traversing the mount dangerous and it was decided to change plans and go to Linville Gorge. The gorge was grossly underestimated and proved very challenging at points, most notably a long climb at nearly a 200% grade. The area was plagued by thick clouds, fog, drizzle, rain, and utter dampness. Fortunately all the gear was adequate and no emergencies arose. Other than falling off a cliff in the fog, or getting lost at night, or getting lost during the day in the fog, or trying to cross a freezing river in the rain, or… it was tricky. The group rolled with the challenges and turned out a terrific trip despite setbacks.

Members in Attendance:

  • Zach Haas
  • Jake Catt
  • Tony Hemming
  • Tyler Haas
  • Dave Alleman
  • Kaitlin Pope
  • Dan Trew

Colorado 2009

Organized by: Adam Scheletsky

The second Thanksgiving break trip to depart our college campus was a trip to Colorado State Forrest State Park [sic]. The trip consisted of snowshoeing form yurt-to-yurt (Montgomery Pass >> Ruby Jewel >> North Fork Yurt). The difficulty being mainly due to snow-depth and elevation. The weather on the trip was cold with 2 ft of snow, it is 10,000 ft after-all, but the yurts were toasty. Many layers of bacon and clothes made this trip awesome. MSR lightning ascent snowshoes are super bomber, Adam is buying a pair when he gets the money. Adam also forgot the back of the report sheet. As such we have no idea if everyone got along or if there are any dangers, but with no pending lawsuits we assume everyone survived and had a good time.

Members in Attendance:

  • Adam Scheletsky
  • Brandon Scherzberg
  • Rosemarie Scherzberg
  • James Basham
  • Toma Zikatanov

Be an Outdoor School Counselor!

IMG_9008-400x266Penn State students can earn 2 credits by participating in Outdoor School (ODS) as cabin counselors. Returning counselors may advance to become Learning Group Leaders and can earn additional credits. Penn State students may also earn volunteer hours to satisfy community service requirements.

To participate in Outdoor School, Penn State students must first submit an application*. (See the sidebar for application dates and links.) Students who are accepted will be registered for SciEd 140 orRPTM 140, Outdoor School Field Experience for academic credit concurrent with ODS. Counselors attend two required training sessions prior to the start of Outdoor School. Course information and registration materials will be available at these trainings.

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