Join the PSOC ListServ:

The L-PSOC ListServ is how PSOC sends out announcements. Everything from trip ideas to gear sales is posted on the ListServ. You do not have to be a member to join the ListServ. You can unsubscribe at any time and instructions for doing so are in every email.

To subscribe, send an email to:

Subscription to the ListServ can only be done through the above address. Sending an email to the L-PSOC@ email will only send an email to the entire world. It does not subscribe you in any fashion to the ListServ. Again, the above address is for subscribing and subscribing only.

Send a message to everyone on the ListServ:

To send a message over the listserv, type your message, address it to, and send it.

  1. Watch for an automated email that will ask you to click a link to confirm your post.
  2. Your email may take 8-12 hours to reach inboxes, so please plan ahead.
  3. For answers to any questions, contact an officer at

Unsubscribe from PSOC ListServ:

To remove yourself from the PSOC listserv, send an email to:

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