Officers 2015-2016

The Penn State Outing Club offers a chance for individuals to take key positions to help organize and run the entire club. We currently have 5 elected positions, and infinitely many nominated and asserted positions. Elections are held every year in the spring semester. If you would like information on a position or would like to fill a void in the club, contact an officer.

President: Nate Moorman
Runs the meetings, finds new ways to expand and grow the club, oversees finalization paperwork for all trips/events, is the face of PSOC.

Vice President: Kelly Culliney
Runs/oversees internal meetings, helps get trips off the ground, finds new ways to raise funds.

Treasurer: Pat Thornton
Oversees all funds, reimburses members for trip-related expenses, maintains merchandise.

Secretary: Ben Vizzachero
Keeps meeting minutes, updates the PSOC Officer manual, primary handler of participation agreements, issuer of membership cards.

Freshman Outreach and Historian: Zack Webb
Keeper of lore and stories, teaches backpacking skills to new members, magic.

Social Outreach: Aaron Fleishman
Heads initiatives to expand and improve the PSOC community.

Canoe Division Chair: Alex Vesey
Coordinates our club’s extensive paddling-related activities.

THON Coordinator: Taylor Bell
Leads PSOC Benefitting THON.

Advisor: Jen Bean
Our wonderful faculty advisor and director of Penn State’s AURORA programs.

If you’d like to contact the officers, email us at psoc-officers (at)

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