PSOC Officers 2019-2020

As the largest outdoor club at Penn State, PSOC has a substantial officer board to help people get outside! Feel free to talk to us at meetings or contact us directly with any questions.

Officers and Chairs:

President: Victoria Kotwica
Runs the meetings, finds new ways to expand and grow the club, oversees finalization paperwork for all trips/events, is the face of PSOC.
Victoria is a senior studying mechanical engineering, but loves spending her free time outside! She has been involved in PSOC since freshman year. She loves backpacking and hiking, which inspired her to study abroad in New Zealand. Please reach out to her or anyone else on the officer board about how to get involved with the Outing club!

Vice President: Ritvik Prabhu 
Runs/oversees internal meetings, helps get trips off the ground, finds new ways to raise funds.
Ritvik is a sophomore who is an environmental resource management major with a minor in bioengineering.

Treasurer: Keaton Startoni 
Oversees all funds, reimburses members for trip-related expenses, plans funding allocations.
Keaton is a sophomore majoring in RPTM who has a love for hiking, biking, containers and of course: some good old’ spreadsheets.

Secretary: Maggie Weber 
Keeps meeting minutes, updates the PSOC Officer manual, primary handler of participation agreements.

Webmaster Historian: Abdullah Redwan
Keeper of lore, updates website.
Abdullah is a Sophmore who is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Literature. Abdullah loves hiking, running and blushy green mountains. Talk to him about the Lord of The Rings and he’ll be you best friend.

Member Relations: Melanie Raifsnider

Melanie is a Freshman majoring in RPTM with a minor in Sustainability Leadership, she has a raw talents for eating a bowl of honey nut Chex cereal anytime in the day. Melanie has a deep love for hiking, skiing, caving, kayaking and playing monopoly on the wii.

Special Events Chair: Andrew O’Neill

Andrew is a graduate student studying Electrical Engineering, he absolutely loves space and anything related to it, he also loves film festivals on the great outdoors. Andrew loves rock climbing, dogs waves and complex mathematics.

Outings Chair: Andy Cook

Andrew is a Senior majoring in Civil Engineering. He enjoys backpacking, climbing and trail running. He’s been involved in Scouting since he was only 10 and he has had a fond love for the outdoors ever since. Come outside with us!

Advisor: Jen Emigh
Our wonderful faculty adviser and director of Penn State’s AURORA programs.

Advisor: Talley Kayser
Our wonderful faculty adviser and director of the Adventure Literature Series

If you’d like to contact the officers, email us at psoc-officers(at)

Past PSOC Officers


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