PSOC Officers 2019-2020

As the largest outdoor club at Penn State, PSOC has a substantial officer board to help people get outside! Feel free to talk to us at meetings or contact us directly with any questions.

Officers and Chairs:

President: Nancy Weinheimer
Runs the meetings, finds new ways to expand and grow the club, oversees finalization paperwork for all trips/events, is the face of PSOC.
Nancy is a Sophomore in in geoscience, likes semi-sweet chocolate chips, and her favorite way to get out is paddling whitewater

Vice President: Shawn Chang
Runs/oversees internal meetings, helps get trips off the ground, finds new ways to raise funds.
Shawn is a biology major and unofficial mycologist, he likes rowing and the smell of a hot Japanese curry

Treasurer: Sasha Pershanina
Oversees all funds, reimburses members for trip-related expenses, plans funding allocations.
Sasha is a computer science major (NO SHE WON’T FIX YOUR COMPUTER) who likes ‘booch, her cat Sausage, and tofu

Secretary: James McGovern      
Keeps meeting minutes, updates the PSOC Officer manual, primary handler of participation agreements.
James is an aerospace major who like pointless road trips and flannel

Webmaster Historian: Andrew ONeill
Keeper of club maps and lore, updates website.
Andrew is a graduate student in electrical engineering. He likes rocks, falling off of rocks, and space weather

Day Hike Chair: Alex Kubala
Coordinates and trains Trip Facilitators, as well as plans day hikes for each weekend
Alex is a junior in environmental engineering and his favorite way to get outside is backpacking

Service Chair: Keaton Sartoni
In charge of finding and leading service opportunities in State College and the surrounding area
Keaton is a freshmen in accounting. He loves mountain biking and is an Eagle Scout

Recruitment Chair: Stephen Gover
Heads initiatives to expand and improve the PSOC community with a focus on recruiting freshman members.
Steven enjoys getting outside on hikes and believes PSOC is the best club at the university

Social Media Chair: David Ritchie
Maintains PSOC’s social media presence and works to increase the visibility of the club to students, faculty, and the local community.
David is a freshman chemical engineering and his favorite way to get outside is skiing

Social Chairs: Kate McBrair and Ritvik Prabhu
Coordinates meetings and social activities beyond scheduled trips.
Kate and Ritvik are our social events duo. Both like movies, popcorn, and camp cooking

Advisor: Jen Emigh
Our wonderful faculty adviser and director of Penn State’s AURORA programs.

Advisor: Talley Kayser
Our wonderful faculty adviser and director of the Adventure Literature Series

If you’d like to contact the officers, email us at

Past PSOC Officers