What is a PSOC trip?

  • Officially sponsored trip by Penn State Outing Club.
  • Approved by Penn State Club Sports.
  • Within the continental United States.usamap_offlimits

Why you should do a PSOC trip?

  • Partial trip reimbursement
  • Priority access to PSOC and Adventure Rec. gear
  • Absence Memos
  • Liability and risk management

How much does it cost?

  • Membership dues ($20)
  • Trip fee (typically $5-10 depending on the activity)

What do I need to do to submit a PSOC trip?

  1. Submit Trip Request (2+ weeks out)
    • Trip Location
    • Trip Description
    • Dates
  2. Submit Travel Itinerary (3-4 days out)
  3. Submit Google Map or Mapquest link of trip route (3-4 days out)

What do I need to do after a PSOC trip?

  1. Return any borrowed gear to PSOC or Adventure Rec
  2. Submit receipts
    • All receipts must be submitted by Treasurer to Club Sports within 10 days or they will not be reimbursed
      • Get them to Treasurer ASAP, do not come to Treasurer on day 10.
    • Must be original receipts
    • Must have Name, Address, Phone number, PSU Email, Trip Name, and Trip Date on back of receipt
  3. Present a trip report at next club meeting
    • Slide show, video, skit, puppet show, etc.

Do I need to be a Driver to organize a PSOC trip?

NO! You can recruit other members to be drivers on the trip, or you can pick a trip that is within walking/biking/bus distance of campus.

Do I need to be a Safety Officer to organize a PSOC trip?

NO! You can recruit other members to be safety officers on the trip. However, you do need to have at least one registered safety officer on the trip.

Some Club Sports rules for trips

  1. Must be a PSOC member to participate.
  2. Must have all driver forms submitted prior to get reimbursement.
  3. Must have all Safety Officer forms submitted prior
  4. No driving from 12am to 6am
  5. No drugs/alcohol