What is a PSOC trip?

  • Officially sponsored trip by Penn State Outing Club.
  • Within the guidelines given by Penn State Risk Management
  • In Pennsylvania and the surrounding states

Why you should do a PSOC trip?

  • Travel reimbursement
  • Gourmet meals like canned chicken mac ‘n’ cheese on a tortilla
  • Experience the outdoors with your newest best friends

How much does it cost?

  • Membership dues ($10 once a year)
  • Trip fee (typically $5-10 depending on the activity)

What do I need to do to submit a PSOC trip?

  1. Talk with a trip facilitator or officer, they can help you plan it
  2. Plan your route or trip
  3. Recruit drivers and attendees
  4. Start your trip

What do I need to do after a PSOC trip?

  1. Return any borrowed gear to PSOC or Adventure Rec
  2. Submit receipts
    • All receipts must be submitted by Treasurer to Club Sports within 10 days or they will not be reimbursed
      • Get them to Treasurer ASAP, do not come to Treasurer on day 10.
    • Must be original receipts
    • Must have Name, Address, Phone number, PSU Email, Trip Name, and Trip Date on back of receipt
  3. Present a trip report at next club meeting
    • Slide show, video, skit, puppet show, etc.

Do I need to be a driver or have a car to organize a PSOC trip?

NO! You can recruit other members to be drivers on the trip, or you can pick a trip that is within walking/biking/bus distance of campus.

Some rules for trips

  1. Must be a PSOC member to participate.
  2. Must have all driver forms submitted prior to get reimbursement.
  3. No driving from 12am to 6am
  4. No drugs/alcohol
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