Horse Pens 40, Bouldering 2007

It was 50-60 during the days, but dropped to 40’s at night.  It was perfect weather for bouldering.  There was one rainy day this week, and it just happened to hit mid trip which is perfect for a rest day. The bathrooms in the theater in Birmingham were the best bathrooms in the world, as agreed upon by the entire group. It was quite an experience. Don’t go here when its warm up north, save for a longer break and a colder period where the weather will be worth the trip down south.  Also, plan for rest days, bouldering takes a toll on your body and plan for 1 rest day ever 4 days at the absolute minimum.

SRU Fall Bouldering Bash 2010

The Slippery Rock University Fall Bouldering Bash is one of the few actual competitions PSOC participates in. This year a number of patrons of PSOC went out and made us proud. This competition, and any other competition at Slippery Rock is highly recommended.  The people are very nice, the wall is great (Nicros natural wall), the routes can challenge any level of climber, and they always have great door prizes that everyone gets at the end of the competition.  Karen and Emily took second and third respectively in the women’s division.  Everyone had fun and no one died.

Members in Attendance:

  • Karen Bobkowski
  • Scott Campbell
  • Jackie Dougherty
  • Jason Gordon
  • John Groh
  • Dale McElhone
  • Ryan Mullins
  • Emily Riddle