Horse Pens 40, Bouldering 2007

It was 50-60 during the days, but dropped to 40’s at night.  It was perfect weather for bouldering.  There was one rainy day this week, and it just happened to hit mid trip which is perfect for a rest day. The bathrooms in the theater in Birmingham were the best bathrooms in the world, as agreed upon by the entire group. It was quite an experience. Don’t go here when its warm up north, save for a longer break and a colder period where the weather will be worth the trip down south.  Also, plan for rest days, bouldering takes a toll on your body and plan for 1 rest day ever 4 days at the absolute minimum.

High Peaks Region, Adirondacks, NY 2007

Organized by: Julie Sutsko

This frigid trip to the Adirondacks took place during the 2007 Thanksgiving break. The Adirondacks were covered with snow during the group’s adventure and while was mostly sunny the temperatures were not above freezing. The first night the group spent in the wild the temperature plummeted to below zero causing various butts to be frozen. Other misadventures included: frozen boots, salami water, eating snow, wild snow leopards loose from the Adirondack zoo, sketchy lake crossings, the Loj, too many Clif Bars, frozen food (all of it), crossing Marcy Dam, one group climbing Mt. Algonquin, and of course the penis cards(?). Despite the seemingly horrible conditions the group had a blast of a trip. If any groups are wanting to revisit the area they should plan to avoid the cold season but if you do go in the cold seasons, be prepared. Gaiters, insulated waterproof boots, and adequate sleeping gear are all MUSTS. Fun was had by all, and no one died.

Members in Attendance:

  • Julie Sutsko
  • Lauren Reed
  • Johnson Martin
  • Kaitlin Pope
  • Nick Clabbers
  • Zack Haas
  • Brian Sabri
  • Amanda Morrow
  • Brian Newman
  • Brooke Osborne
  • James Basham

Puerto Rico 2007

This legendary trip to Puerto Rico is one of the most amazing trips PSOC has done in the past ten years. HOLY AMAZING WEATHER BATMAN!!!  The trip had some occaisonal bouts of rain, like 4 people cuddling under a two person tarp kind of nights,  but this is normal for peurto rico.  It was amazing!!  just plan for wet and warm but bring some changes of things. A sample of the things that make this just trip legendary:


  • Making reservations at a Hostel for ‘David’ completely in spanish, having never taking a single spanish lesson and actually having the rooms be there when you arrive!!!!!
  • Franz climbing a tree (very safely, obviously) to shake the branches in order to drop oranges to eat.
  • Getting to the top of El Yunce.
  • Meeting the North Carolina basketball team on tour.
  • The boat that almost exploded on its way to the island Culebra.
  • The crazy pseudo expatriates that rented out stolen bicycles.
  • Some of the best snorkeling.
  • Sleeping on one of the worlds top 50 beaches.


Even when it is winter in the states it’s very warm in Peurto Rico. So plan to either stash your winter clothes in the states or carry everything with you.  You also have to prepare EVERY leg of transportation before you go as Buses, Faries and cabs don’t always arrive on time, at all, or even work to begin with. Oh! oh! oh! and get the ‘pan de le something’ its bassicaly fried bread with butter, very good! and very good for hiking.


(lucky) Members in Attendance:

  • Adam “my stomach is gonna digest itself” Sheletsky
  • Brynn “haha” Biddle
  • Kathryn “safety officer” Hegarty
  • Daniel “speak spanish” McIntosh
  • Franz “yeah right” Lichtner
  • Sam “entiendamendaoamoes” Carpenter

Gila National Wilderness Area 2009

Organized by: Nick Clabbers

This Spring Break ’09 trip was to the Gila National Wilderness Area, New Mexico. The long-term backpacking trip required much preparation and planing (from dehydrating whole meals, to organizing transportation, and a whole lot more). The area was beautiful, however weather was widely unpredictable and many portions of the trail were challenging. Some equipment brought was not up to par with what the weather threw at it, resulting in some less-than-happy outcomes. No one died however, and the group united against a common foe late in the trip and much laughter was had. There may have been a federal crime committed, but that is the stuff of legend and myth.

Members in Attendance:

  • Nick Clabbers
  • Franz Lichtner
  • Kaitlin Pope
  • Toma Zikatanov
  • Kelly McFadden
  • Gretchen Wall
  • Dan Trew

North Carolina 2009

Organized by: Zach Haas, Jake Catt

The third Thanksgiving trip of Fall 2009 was to Mount Mitchell and areas around it. The trip was originally planned to be ridge hiking, however wintery weather made traversing the mount dangerous and it was decided to change plans and go to Linville Gorge. The gorge was grossly underestimated and proved very challenging at points, most notably a long climb at nearly a 200% grade. The area was plagued by thick clouds, fog, drizzle, rain, and utter dampness. Fortunately all the gear was adequate and no emergencies arose. Other than falling off a cliff in the fog, or getting lost at night, or getting lost during the day in the fog, or trying to cross a freezing river in the rain, or… it was tricky. The group rolled with the challenges and turned out a terrific trip despite setbacks.

Members in Attendance:

  • Zach Haas
  • Jake Catt
  • Tony Hemming
  • Tyler Haas
  • Dave Alleman
  • Kaitlin Pope
  • Dan Trew