WILD (Sorta) Fall 2006

This sorta WILD event was held in late October, at Sand Springs. Sand springs is a nice campsite. It is a great place for a group of any size, you have to get creative with tents and tarps, there a lots of widow makers (aka dead trees) nowadays but you can fit lots of people in the area. The bear bagging trees (there are two viable options in close proximity) are quite high, so give yourself a good hour just to throw the rope. The trail also connects with the MST which is a great option for a day hike, so this is a good place to ‘base camp’.  Ii is recommended for overnight trips to park on the access road and not to park at Shingletown Gap. There is an old pair of cross country skis that have been burned in the fire over the last half decade or so, this has nothing to do with the weather but whatever, the weather was ok.

When shopping for the group meal, they didn’t know what to get and were feeling kinda lazy.  So they bought two rotisserie chickens, quintuple bagged them, and hiked them into camp. Lets just say that people enjoyed the WEIS quality meat that was offered. However, if you pack in 10 pounds of slow roasted chicken, you’ll get several double takes.  Just make sure and bear bag EVERYTHING that the birds made contact with.   Believe me, the smell gets EVERYWHERE.

Members in Attendance:

  • Dennis Something
  • Tom Mrotek
  • Samuel Carpenter
  • Daniel McIntosh
  • Jennifer ??
  • Travis ??
  • 20 people in all went.
  • Kathryn Hegarty

Rothrock Easter Hike 2009

Organized by: Michele Scanze, Kelly McFadden

This single-overnight hiking adventure was a romp through Rothrock State Forest. The trip went out under perfect hiking weather in the early spring. An easter egg hunt was held in the morning of the second day to the joy of all the participants. No one died, and much easter candy was eaten by all.

Members in Attendance:

  • Michele Scanze
  • Kelly McFadden
  • Molly Burbank
  • Kate Lalancette
  • Helena Kotala
  • Rob Justice
  • Dan Trew

Backpacking South Dakota 2010

Organized by Rosemarie Scherzberg

This wild and wacky trip to the Black Hills Nation Forest and Badlands National Park took place over the ’10 Spring Break. The first few days of the trip met awesome weather, allowing the group to follow PSOC fashion and get hopelessly lost somewhere only to find a beautiful views and have things work out in the end. The group then blew around the area hiking over ice flows, lakes, snowy fields, and through mud… lots of mud. The itinerary also included Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug, and a stay at Ann’s Motel. All of which are entirely memorable, and no doubt will make it into the strange amalgamation of hilarious misadventures that is PSOC.

Members in Attendance:

  • Rosemarie Scherzberg
  • Doug Weinhold
  • Kaitlin Pope
  • Catherine Hewlett
  • Toma Zikatanov
  • Nick Clabbers

West Rim April 23-25, 2010

Organized by: Zack Haas

This post-thesis adventure took place in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, not to be confused with the real Grand Canyon. After departing the Arby’s parking lot the group first traveled South before turning around and going the right way to the West Rim. Further driving shenanigans occurred when the lead car signaled to turn around on a one-lane dirt road with a cliff to one side and a mountain on the other. Fortunately there was a suitable turn-around further up the road. The first night was spent roughly 200 yards from the cars and was 12 solid hours of sleep. Also, nubbins. The weather moved in as the group moved on. Many games were played involving clever questions and the occasional erroneous interpretation of Marilyn Monroe’s historical importance and the essence of Han Solo being Han Solo. More nubbinical references and jokes were made, providing a small piece of humor for the group. The final day was spent trudging through the damp forest and culminated in a “short-cut” removing the largest downhill. The return home involved artful dodging of pot-holes and very large rocks as the GPS took the group through the backiest back-road in the whole back-woods. Fun was had by all and no one died.

Members in Attendance:

  • Greg Lilik
  • Asher Evans
  • Kelly McFadden
  • Kathleen Kerrigan
  • Tyler Haas
  • Dan Trew
  • Zack Haas

Adventure Racing (Tussey Ultramarathon) 2010

Organized by: Emily Riddle

This competition full of crazy people is another of the few that PSOC actually does. The weather for the ultramarathon was perfect, “a beautiful blue sky amplified the peak fall foliage!” Memories from the trip include:

Witnessing a runner… who will very much be left unnamed.. receive a baton and (in a panicked state) run in the wrong direction.. e.g in the direction from which she just received the baton. It was an absolutely priceless moment… spreading smiles to many faces. =)


  • blue sky and peak fall foliage
  • rocking out to pump up music in the car between every checkpoint
  • very creative checkpoint hand-offs
  • running hills of death
  • crossing the finish line
  • BBQ chicken

So in case you didn’t realize, we ran in the Tussey Ultramarathon… and it was a superb event! Lots of people frolicking through Rothrock forest for 50 miles. We ran two teams so we each person ran with a partner the entire time. Four girls per team… 50 miles split between us.. so essentially a half-marathon a piece. Anyhow, regardless of the distance, it was agreed by all that it was one of the best races any of us had ever ran. A really cool team event. Run this race. Enough said. It is amazing. No one died.

They finished in 7:48:27!

Members in Attendance:

  • Catherine Hewlett
  • Rachael Hoh
  • Jackie Dougherty
  • Kate Thompson
  • Emily Riddle