Travel Request Form and Emergency Action Plan

Instructions for the Travel Request Form:

Copy/paste the following form into an email, complete it, and send it to This form needs to be submitted about 2+ weeks out.

  • Trip Facilitator

    Your Name:
    Your PSU Email Address:
    Your Phone Number:
    Trip Description
    Trip Name:
    Regional/National Competition? (Y/N):
    Estimated Team Registration Fee (if applicable):
    Location (Host):
    Size of Traveling Party
    Number of Males:
    Number of Females:
    Trip Dates
    Start Date:
    Start Time:
    End Date:
    End Time:
    Travel Dates
    Departure Date:
    Departure Time:
    Return Date:
    Return Time:
    Names of Drivers:
    Lodging (fill out for every place/private residence being used)
    Private Residence, Hotel, or Other:
    Phone Number:
    Number of Members Staying At Above Location:
    Meal Reimbursement Requested?:
    Itemized list of:
  • Food (including cost per person)
  • Gas Estimate
  • Trip fees to be assessed

Guidelines for this budget:

Estimate your drive time. If it is within 30 minutes the trip should be free from any trip fee. (i.e. Rothrock, Black Moshannon) If it is within 30 minutes  to 3 hours a $5 trip fee should be collected.   If it is within 3 hours to 6 hours a $10 should be assesed. If you plan to drive more than  6 hr + talk to an officer about an appropriate trip fee. These fees help us offset the cost of gas for trips.

  • $15 per person per weekend is the maximum that the club will reimburse for food.
    • We cannot guarantee reimbursement above this amount
  • $10 per person per weekend is a resonable estimation for food costs.
  • Expenses such as camping, gear rentals, shuttle fees, etc must be covered by participantnts

Instructions for the Emergency Action Plan Form

This plan conveys to Adventure Recreation and Club sports all of the qualifications that members of the trip posses, identified risks and ways to manage them. It should include emergency contacts, a bail out plan and trip leader qualifications, as well as those of any co-leaders or members with advanced first aid training. The link below is to an example EAP successfully submitted to club sports for a trip in 2016.

Use this example to create your own EAP. The Officers will work with you to draft one for your trip. Please send in a drafted EAP as a word document attached to the email containing the travel request form.