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Undergraduate-only courses:

AFAM/ANTH/WMNST 303 Race and Gender in the Americas: Latin American and Caribbean Cultures (University Park – Edwards)

AMST/ENGL 105 American Popular Culture and Folklife (Brandywine, Erie, Fayette, WEB – Multiple Instructors)

AMST 170N Introduction to American Folklore (Harrisburg – Mitra)

CAMS/RLST 44 Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Mythology (University Park – Redford)

CAMS 45 Classical Mythology (Abington, University Park, WEB – Multiple Instructors)

CMLIT 108 Myths and Mythologies (Scranton, University Park, Wilkes-Barre, WEB – Multiple Instructors)

CSD 269 Deaf Culture (University Park, WEB – Multiple Instructors)

HIST 203 History of Monsters, Aliens & The Supernatural (Altoona, University Park – Multiple Instructors)

Undergraduate/MA-Level courses:

AMST 417 American Beliefs and Myths (Harrisburg – Haddad)

AMST 482 Public Heritage Practices: Museum Administration (Harrisburg – Asbury-Newsome)

ANTH 422 Meso-American Archaeology and Ethnography (University Park – Hirth)

MA/PhD-Level courses:

AMST 530 Topics in American Folklore: Folklore and New Media (Harrisburg – Tolbert)

LLED 563 Myths and Folktales in Children’s Literature (WEB – Hopkins)


If you have questions about whether a course will qualify for the graduate certificate in folklore and ethnography, please contact Dr. Buccitelli.

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