Penn State folklore faculty and students have contributed to a number of media projects relating to folklore.

Pennsylvania Legends and Lore: Ghosts of the Commonwealth (2015, WPSU, 29:26)

Pennsylvania Legends and Lore: Ghosts of the Commonwealth is a documentary that brings to life the tales and traditions of the Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania Folklore: Woven Together (2018, WPSU, 26:46)

The story of folk art in Pennsylvania is a story of the many cultures that make the Commonwealth what it is. Pennsylvania Folklore: Woven Together explores some of the many textile arts that can be found throughout the state, examining the traditions behind them and the motivations of the craftspeople creating them.

Four Women on a Mother’s Day Afternoon: Masters and Apprentices Talk About Traditional Chinese Art Forms

PACF Graduate Archivist Steven Lee talks with traditional painters and dancers about learning and teaching folk arts.