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Queen-LatifahFor my last passion blog for this class I will be discussing my favorite Queen Latifah films. Ms. Latifah is one of my favorite actresses and one that I really look up too. As a full figured women she never let the Hollywood stigma of having to be a size 2 discourage her from accomplishing her dreams. I want to have the confidence and beauty that she embodies when I grow up lol. She is definitely one of my role models. It’s hard to pick only a few of her movies as my favorite because I love them all but here are three that I really enjoy watching.

Set It OffSet It Off: This movie is like her only hard core movies but I really like it because the four main characters have a impenetrable bond and are willing to risk everything to help one another get out of financial distress. I’m not going to give anything away if you have not already seen it but it is a very compelling and emotional movie, bawled my eyes out when I first saw it. And that is not me being dramatic, to me it was very heart breaking. The other actresses in this film are very talented as well and I like their films too.







 Bringing Down the House: This movie is really funny lol. It Stars Latifah and Steve Martin. Martin is a lawyer who has two kids, a divorced wife, and now a unexpected house guest. Steve Martin and Queen Latifah keep the comic relief rolling throughout the movie and it makes it all the more enjoyable. I really like this movie because Latifah’s character keeps it real when it comes to Martin’s character needing to get his life together when it comes to his family. The advice she gives him is hysterical, I kid you not lol. Definitely look this one up. Bringing Down The House









Last_Holiday_DVD Queen_Latifah LL_Cool_JThe Last Holiday: This is a very inspiring movie. If it teaches you anything it teaches that you should never let things hold you back, tomorrow is not guaranteed to you, follow your dreams, don’t be greedy, and don’t sleep with another woman’s husband! Lol. That plot of the story is very heartwarming and I get a smile on my face every time I watch it because it shows the realities of life and how you cannot take anything for granted or expect things to just happen to you. If you really want something to happen in your life you have to make it happen. Just like all the other ones, go watch it if you haven’t already!






HairsprayMoviePosterHair Spray: I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVE Queen Latifah’s singing voice in this film adaptation of the broadway show “Hairspray”. The song that resonates the most with me, and makes my heart beat faster is when she sings “I Know Where I’ve Been”. If you have not heard the song before or her version I firmly advise you to do so lol. The way that she sings the lyrics bring them alive and the message empowers me and inspires me to never give up a fight that is worth fighting for. The movie itself is just very moving and inspiring and the cast is absolutely fabulous. A must see if you haven’t already.






As I was writing this post I had the urge to want to watch all these movies over again lol. Guess what I will be doing when I have some downtown. I hope you enjoyed this blog this semester as much as I enjoyed writing it. Continue to watch movies, they are one of our only escapes from our realities. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Love, Jennafer P.

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  1. Caro

    I definitely share your love about Queen Latifah! I think the first movie I watched with her was New York Taxi. A movie that I watched like 6 times and showed it to all of my friends because I loved it so much! Overall, I really enjoyed your blog, so congratulations! 🙂

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