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PSGC Graduate Research Fellowship Program at Penn State – University Park

The application process for the 2020-2021 academic year is closed. Click here to view a sample application. 

The Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium awards one-year fellowships to outstanding students to promote graduate study leading to masters or doctoral degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and humanities related to NASA research and development. A primary objective of NASA’s Space Grant Program is to attract, recruit and train U.S. citizens, especially women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities, for careers in aerospace science and technology.

2019-2020 PSGC Fellow Andrew Tamis (Photo credit: Francisco Tutella)

How do I apply? 

  • Submit an online application HERE by the March 1, 2021 deadline.
  • All supporting materials must be included in order for your application to be considered complete.
  • Awards will be announced by email on or before June 1, 2021.
  • Direct any questions to



Who should apply? 

NASA’s Vision: To discover and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity

NASA’s mission to go to the moon and beyond means that many fields of study are directly related to NASA’s strategic goals. Majors in STEM and the humanities both play integral roles in achieving NASA’s mission.

“NASA PA Space Grant allows me to showcase my science to the community and also has given me the opportunity to see how my science can affect the community. It is Great opportunity to get involved with NASA and also to See how my research connects.” – Santina Cruz, Doctoral Candidate in Chemistry / 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 PSGC Fellow

2019-2020 Fellow Chloe Stanton at the PSGC Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Rocket Launch. (Photo credit: Patrick Mansell)

Common themes:

  • Applied Sciences / Engineering: Include but are not limited to fields related to NASA’s Aeronautics Research and Space Technology mission directorates.
  • Natural Sciences: Include but are not limited to fields related to NASA’s Science mission directorate and research areas of focus including Earth Science and Climate Change
  • Humans in Space: Astronauts spending extended time in space brings challenges that include handling and preventing medical issues, the psychological effects of space, and how to colonize places other than Earth, topics that align with the Humans in Space mission directorate.
  • Education: Training the future STEM workforce starts with educators who inspire, engage, and educate future generations.
  • Liberal Arts: Support is needed from policymakers, historians, psychologists, anthropologists, and others in liberal arts disciplines to continue NASA’s vision of expanding knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

The main NASA Mission Directorate page can be found here. We encourage students to contact PSGC at if they have questions about whether their field of study is relevant.

“NASA’s Earth Science Division works to use information to “improve lives and safeguard the future of people all over the world. …NASA and the social sciences, it really is a perfect fit.” – Dylan Davis, Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology / 2019-2020 PSGC Fellow

What are the qualifications and considerations?

  • All eligible Penn State – University Park graduate students are invited to apply, with award emphasis on, but not limited to, the following colleges:  Agricultural Sciences, Earth and Mineral Sciences, Eberly College of Science, Education, Engineering, Health and Human Development, Information Sciences and Technology, and the Liberal Arts.
    • Note: Applicants do not need to be working on a NASA-funded project to be considered
  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Applicant must be admitted to Penn State’s Graduate School.
  • Applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student (9 credits).
  • Current or past PSGC Fellows may apply for up to one additional year of funding, but they will not receive preferential consideration during the selection process.
  • In keeping with National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program goals, Fellows will participate in PSGC-sponsored mentoring or education outreach activities (for grades K-12, undergraduates or the general public) for a minimum of ten hours per semester. Fellows may also work with PSGC staff to contribute to the PSGC’s blog to fulfill some or all required hours.
  • Note: Penn State University does not provide tax documentation for any PSGC awards. Students are responsible for reporting these payments as income to the IRS and for remitting any tax due.

Meet our Graduate Fellows

Stacey Dean, Chemistry, College of Science
Timothy Fischer, Geosciences, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
John Florian, Human Physiology, IDGP/College of Health and Human Development
Jacob Haqq-Misra, Meteorology, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Ameila Henry, Ecology and Plant Physiology, IDGP/College of Science
Kimberly Kermann, Astronomy, College of Science
Angela Luis, Ecology, IDGP/College of Agricultural Sciences
Avram Mandell, Astronomy, College of Science
Eliza Montgomery, Materials Engineering, College of Engineering
Jessica Moon, Ecology, IDGP/College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
David Morris, Astronomy, College of Science
Sarah Nilson, Ecology and Plant Physiology, IDGP/College of Science
Patrick O'Connor, Chemistry, College of Science
Jonathan Petters, Meteorology, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Stephen Redman, Astronomy, College of Science
Samuel Ridout, Physiology, IDGP/College of Health and Human Development
Brian Schratz, Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering

Karen Bussard, Pathobiology, College of Agricultural Sciences
Timothy Gookin, Plant Biology, IDGP/College of Science
Francelys Medina, Materials Science, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Sarah Pabian, Wildlife and Fisheries Science, College of Agricultural Sciences
Jori Sharda, Plant Biology, IDGP/College of Agricultural Sciences
Laurie Shuman, Biology, IDGP/College of Science
Christopher Thode, Chemistry, College of Science

Alicia Castagna, Materials Science, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
David Claudio, Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering
Jacob Haqq-Misra, Meteorology, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Kristina Harris, Nutritional Sciences, College of Health and Human Development
Michael Hernandez, Meteorology, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Steve Kerlin, Geosciences and Biogeochemistry, College of Education
Paul Lynch, Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering
Kevin Mueller, Ecology, College of Agricultural Sciences
John Petrilli, Engineering Science, College of Engineering
Stephen Redman, Astronomy, College of Science
James Saal, Materials Science, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Jason Young, Astronomy, College of Science

Tyler Anderson, Physics, College of Science
Michael Castellano, Soil Science, College of Agricultural Sciences
Johnathan Cook, Physiology, College of Health and Human Development
Stephen Krajeski, C&I/Science Education, College of Science
Rebecca McCauley, Geosciences/Astrobiology, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Brendan Mullen, Astronomy, College of Science
Leighton Myers, Aerospace, College of Engineering
Benjamin Smith, Chemistry, College of Science
Gregory Tudryn, Materials Science, College of Science

Matthew Geske – Physics
Heather Graham – Geosciences & Biogeochemistry
Daniel Jones – Geosciences
Diane Kristine Korzow – Biology
Allen Kummer – Electrical Engineering
Michael Lapsley – Engineering Science
Kerry Michael – Biobehavioral Health
Laura Russo – Ecology
Jennifer Rygel – Materials Science & Engineering

Raechel Bianchetti – Geography
Drew Clausen – Astronomy & Astrophysics
Christopher Dancy – IST
Nathan Garvin – Physiology
Rachel Isaacs – Geography
Peter Licona – Curriculum & Instruction
Keegan McCoy – Electrical Engineering and Astronomy & Astrophysics
Amanda Mills – Electrical Engineering
Matthew Route – Astronomy & Astrophysics
Christopher Stevens – Psychology
John Swierk – Chemistry
Brian Wallace – Aerospace Engineering

Sean Cahoon – Ecology
Michele Crowl – Science Education
Meredith Hanlon – Plant Biology
Khadouja Harouaka – Geoscience/Astobiology
Ramdane Harouaka – Bioengineering
Neal Parsons – Aerospace Engineering
Aliana Briston – Ecology
Ryan Terrien – Astronomy & Astrophysics
Rachel Worth – Astronomy & Astrophysics
Amanda Young – Geography

Brittany Banik – Bioengineering
Timothy Brubaker – Electrical Engineering
Jase Bernhardt – Geography
Gloria Kim – Bioengineering
Elliot Nelson – Physics
Merisa Nisic – Cell and Developmental Biology
Caroline Normile – Meteorology
Laura Rodriguez – Geoscience
Christina Sponsky – Nutritional Sciences
Adrienne Tucker – Geography
Benjamin Zinszer – Psychology

Yolian Amaro-Rivera – Electrical Engineering
Joanna Bridge – Astronomy and Astrophysics
Taran Esplin – Astronomy and Astrophysics
Brian Pomerantz – Astronomy and Astrophysics


Valerie Alstadt – Chemistry
Zena Cardman – Geosciences
Feon Cheng – Nutritional Sciences
Lea Hagen – Astronomy and Astrophysics
Lucas Harris – Geography
Joseph Keller – Ecology
Amanda Labrado – Geosciences
Regina Wilpiszeski – Geosciences/Astrobiology

Kathryn Bateman, Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education
Kate Bowen, Nutritional Sciences
Chloe Callahan-Flintoft, Psychology
Zena Cardman, Geosciences
Ross Dinsmore, Electrical Engineering
Will Doebler, Acoustics
Erica Frankel, Chemistry
Alison Franklin, Soil Science & Biogeochemistry
Chrysta Ghent, Curriculum and Instruction
Chester Harman, Geosciences
Brian Knisely, Mechanical Engineering
Lillie Langlois, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Kelly Malone, Physics
Jamie Peeler, Geography
Michael Rodruck, Astrophysics
Julie Sanchez, Climatology
Curtis Stimpson, Mechanical Engineering
Stanley Stupski, Biology
Anand Swaminathan, Acoustics
Jennifer Thweatt, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology; Astrobiology

Christopher Axten, Aerospace Engineering
William Bowman, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Bryan Brasile, Chemical Engineering
Jess Bunchek, Agronomy
Andrea Chan, Ecology
Jeffrey Contri, Aerospace Engineering
Guillermo Costa, MBA
Benjamin Donovan, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Carolyn Fish, Geography
Suzanne Fleishman, Horticulture
Carolynne Hultquist, Geography
Cory Jones, Chemical Engineering
Brian Knisely, Mechanical Engineering
Theresa Kucinski, Chemistry
Allyson Marianelli, Chemistry
Andres Mejia Ramon, Anthropology
Drew Miles, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Jamie Peeler, Geography
Hannah Reich, Biology
Emma Rosenthal, Plant Pathology
Julie Sanchez, Geography
Matthew Shaw, Aerospace Engineering
Dana Tobin, Meteorology
Lyanne Valdez, Chemistry
Carmen Vanderhoof, Curriculum and Instruction (Science Education)
Nathan Wasilko, Microbiology
Danielle Williams, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Jiansong Xu, Chemical Biology

Alicia Altemose, Chemistry
Staci Amburgey, Ecology
Remmi Baker, Materials Science and Engineering
Santina Cruz, Chemistry
Tyler Culp, Chemical Engineering
Joanmarie Del Vecchio, Geoscience
Jarrett Dillenburger, Chemistry
Gabrielle Dillon, Kinesiology
Allison Fox, Geosciences
Christian Gilbertson, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Emily Johnston, Nutritional Sciences
Theresa Kucinski, Chemistry
Josh Litofsky, Chemical Engineering
Mariah MacDonald, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Caleb Meredith, Materials Science and Engineering
Leonard Metkowski, Aerospace Engineering
Mehreen Mughal, Bioinformatics and Genomics
Stacey Olson, Geography
Scott Pezanowski, Information Sciences and Technology
Hannah Reich, Biology
Michelle Ritchie, Geography and Climate Science
Daniela Rocca Bejar, Aerospace Engineering
Michael Rodruck, Astronomy
Kaila Roffman, Aerospace Engineering
Julie Sanchez, Geography
Shawn Siroka, Mechanical Engineering
Conner Stultz, Chemistry
Valerie Sullivan, Nutritional Sciences
Nicholas Triozzi, Anthropology
Jeremy Zuccarello, Mechanical Engineering

Madison Botch, Education
Santina Cruz, Chemistry
Albert Darling, Chemistry
Dylan Davis, Anthropology
Michael Dexheimer, Engineering Sciences
Benjamin Donovan, Astronomy
Ryan Fair, Materials Science and Engineering
David Farish, Aerospace Engineering
Christian Gilbertson, Astronomy
Christie Hasbrouck, Manufacturing Engineering
Albanie Hendrickson-Stives, Chemistry
Andrew Iams, Materials Science and Engineering
Courtney Jackson, Geography
Laura Jones, Ecology
Ashlee McGovern, Chemistry
McCauley Meyer, Biochemistry
Jennifer Miller, Chemistry
David Munoz, Ecology
Jamie Peeler, Geography
Michelle Ritchie, Geography
Kaila Roffman, Aerospace Engineering
Julie Sanchez, Geography
Chloe Stanton, Geography
Jamesa Stokes, Materials Science and Engineering
Alexander Wildgoose, Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Wilson-Heid, Materials Science and Engineering
Jeremy Zuccarello, Mechanical Engineering

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