Penn State Undergraduate Research Experience

The application is currently closed and will re-open October 1, 2017

The WISER/MURE/FURP programs at Penn State University Park offer research experiences and mentoring in Penn State’s most exciting and prestigious labs in the Colleges of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Education, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Health and Human Development, Liberal Arts, Information Sciences and Technology and the Eberly College of Science.

wmf1WISER: Women in Science and Engineering Research
Available to freshmen women. 

MURE: Minority Undergraduate Research Experience
Available to underrepresented minority students who are freshman, sophomores, or juniors  (African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander).

FURP: Freshman Undergraduate Research Program
Available to all freshmen; those with economic hardship are encouraged to apply.

WISER/MURE/FURP is a one-year research experience program offering students the opportunity to collaborate with a research team, learn the language of research and use high-tech equipment. You will learn to work safely and efficiently in the lab. Research activities may include attending lab meetings, preparing research posters and collecting data. You may also experience professional conferences and field work. Students often are assigned their own research project or work closely with a graduate student to collect important data for the lab.

Upon selection, research occurs in the Spring and Fall semesters of 2018. A $500 scholarship is provided each semester you participate in the program. Students are expected to contribute 5 hours per week in the lab.


  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Applicant must be a Penn State University Park undergraduate student.
  • Applicant must qualify for either the WISER, MURE or FURP program.
  • Applicant must be able to commit at least five hours per week in the lab during the duration of the program.

Application Process

  1. Review the research laboratory descriptions of those faculty members participating in the program. You can select up to three labs that match your interests. The more labs you select, the better your chance is of being accepted into a program.
  2. Submit an online application by the November 1st deadline.  
  3. Participating faculty will be notified of your interest and may choose to interview preferred candidates.
  4. Decisions will be made by the end of Fall 2017 semester. If selected, you will participate in one research lab for both Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 semesters.

Application Timeline

  • The application will open on October 1, 2017.
  • The application will close on November 1, 2017.
  • Faculty will review applicants November 3 – 24, 2017.
  • Lab assignments will be announced the week of December 11, 2017.

Current and Past WISER|MURE|FURP Scholarship Recipients


Saad Ahmad
Samuel Appiah
Hamna Atif
Kaleb Bogale
R.J. Chandler
Emma Clement
Thomas Kawchak
Alayna Kennedy
Christine Kosciewicz
Victoria Lumsargis
Andrew Maceyko
Sanjana Marikunte
Apoova Mathur
Brenna McCornac
Anna Miller
Carley Miller
Kelsie Morales Rojas
Natalie Morrissey
Elijah Neal
Lauren Onofrio
Catherine Pomorski
Ashley Porter
Alexandria Prajzner
Nataki Purvis
Erin Redwing
James Robinson
Emily Rothermel
Christine Scaglione
Meirui Sha
Rachel Schellberg<
Victoria Steinberger
Caroline Steingard
Emily Strohm
Rhea Sullivan
Joann Sutyak
Elli Tatsumi
Renatta Trotman
Alexandra Ulven
Kavya Vaseekaran
Orighomisan Yembra
Wendy Zeng
Marion Peters
Yenting Wu


Katelyn Adkison
Sarah Adsit
Michala Alexander
Nancy Bao
Jordan Bradham
Isabel Burgos
Paige Burrell
Rebecca Bussard
Shara Chopra
Shannon Crum
Kara Dally
Steven Davis
Cullen Dixon
Kristy Fu
Andrea Gade
Callan Glover
Emily Grandinette
Catherine Hanagan
Emily Helm
Zachary Hemler
Corey Herr
Megan Ingalls
Leslie Johnson
Jenelle Joseph
Maya Karl
Sabrina Kistler
Emily Krise
Anna Lin
Alice Liu
Kylie March
Aaron McFarland
Andrea Merida
Stephanie Mitchell
Katherine Mobley
Byron Molina
Rebekah Moshier
Aleia Mouchref
Peyton Mowery
Erica Murphy
Prajesh Patel
Olivia Pehanick
Lisa Piasecki
Courtney Poorman
Olivia Richards
Danielle Rodak
Meredith Rohn
Heather Santos
Sally Stough
Paula Tabaschek
Jessica Thelemaque
Sophia Vicente
Christopher Vidic
Marissa Wegfahrt
Kathryn Yorko
Eric Zimmerer


Christian Alvarado
Maria Badanova
Taylor Campbell-Phipps
Amanda Cole
Rachel Cooper
Nina Cordero
Sheldon Davis
Lindsey Diehl
Erica Dinse
Emma Dodoo
Alexis D’Souza
Elise Elizondo
Danielle Fanizzi
Ryan Fritz
Noelia Goti
Alvaro Guerra
Priya Hosangadi
Ya-Lin Huang
Teniola Idowu
Promi Islam
Lauren Judkins
Aditi Kale
Jamie Kang
Melissa Ling
Emily Loucks
Natalie Mamrol
Nadia Napolitano
Briana Nunez
Julia Ogrodnik
Guinevere Oliver
Kiera Pawlikowsky
Kriston Ramdass
Laura Ranieri
Alison Richards
Rachel Rizzardi
Andres Ruiz
Jessica Saganowich
Ariel Sagie
Lizabeth Sandoval
Hannah Shephard
Alexa Singer
Megan Smajda
Jessica Smith
Jenna Snyder
Aubrey Spak
Sarah Spengler
Traij Stickland
Kylie Stuhltrager
Caitlan Surgeon
Janelle Thompson
Emily Thyrum
Sarah Turk
Juliette van Schaik
Erica Venkatesulu
Aabha Vora
Manya Wadhwa
Benjamin Yang
Sydney Yeadon