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It is finally the day we have all been waiting for… FRIDAY! The hardest part of it being Friday is that it is very tempting to just skip the gym and relax. Don’t forget this workout routine revolves around your personal schedule, desires, and needs; it’s not a strict outline. With that being said, if you are able to push yourself to the gym then today is another day of chest/biceps. You can change the techniques you use, or repeat them exactly if you prefer. But for those who decide to take a break, this post is for you. This blog will be all about “bulking”. Before you get intimidated, “bulking” is just eating! Let’s hope you’re hungry.

The idea of “bulking” is to eat more calories than you burn so you can gain muscle mass. Usually, along with this you gain weight as well, but it healthy to do so. The good thing about this is that everyday is basically a cheat day. For the most part you can eat everything you want, but there are still guidelines to get the best results.

There are so many different bulking diets out there, from easy to complicated (counting macros). But we are going to focus on the simplified versions.

Nutrition is NOT a “one-size-fits all” concept (MyProtein)

There are various recommendations for the amount of calories you should consume, but as long as it is significantly more than you consume regularly, then you should still see results. I recommend at least a 2000+ calorie diet. Before you get ahead of me and grab a sugary dessert, I should explain the difference between a “dirty bulk” and a “clean bulk”.

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When you “dirty bulk”,  you consume a lot of protein but you can eat anything you want; including foods high in saturated fats and sugar, which is hard to burn off. The best bulking is a “clean bulk” where you eat a high protein diet accompanied by foods with “good” fats (omega-3s), natural sugars, and hearty carbs. If you eat a “dirty bulk” diet, it can effect your cell-membrane strength and elasticity and makes you prone to chronic systemic inflammation, which causes weakened muscle mass and joint pain (Muscle&Fitness). Not only is this harmful for your overall health, but it goes against the point of bulking. The reason people use this technique is to gain muscle mass rapidly, so they can use a “cutting” method (reducing calorie intake, to define muscles) after.

Goods foods to eat when you are “clean bulking” is:

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These foods are high in omega-3s, which promote brain functioning and joint health. They are also high in vitamins, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates which provide energy and help with muscle repair.

This diet can be enticing and rewarding for all your hard work in the gym. Even though a “clean bulk” does not necessarily condone sugary snacks, you can still fit some of your favorite cheat day meals in, during the bulking season. Everyone’s body responds differently to various foods, so just learn about your own with some experimentation. The length of “bulking” is completely up to you and how your body acts with this diet. So go ahead and eat your ice cream or donut and don’t worry about your calorie consumption, as long as you are eating a “clean” diet along with it. If you are worried about gaining weight, don’t. The next post will be all about “cutting” the weight off. Enjoy your cheat day!

  1. This was really interesting! It was interesting to read about a different aspect of your blog (your diet) instead of just focusing on what exercises you are doing. I know, oddly enough, that for me Friday was my favorite day to work out. It was always nice to use that day to destress from the week and go for a run or work out for a little late at night once all my work for the week was turned in.

  2. I’m glad you explained the difference between the two types of bulk, as it seems I am a dirty-bulk person when it comes to most meals. I like how you give multiple examples for each one, and that you also say that even with a clean-bulk you can still have some of your favorite snacks. It isnt specific things that you are required to stick to. I usually did not work out on Fridays, so this would have been my so-called day off. Unfortunately, physical therapy gives no days off.

  3. This is so interesting! I’ve always heard about what foods are better to eat when working out, but I never knew the terms for different methods or the science behind which foods are good for you. I always find it hard to work out on Friday (even though it’s my least busy day of the week!), so I’ll keep this in mind!

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