Friendship and College

“Friendship is everything.  Friendship is more than talent.  It is more than government.  It is almost the equal of family.  Never forget that.”

– Don Corleone to Johnny Fontane

(In context, the Don was telling Johnny, his famous actor/singer godson about the importance of friendship because Johnny was always running around with different people and had no one reliable to help him but the Godfather.)

As I read the Don’s words in the novel, I immediately reflected on my friends and how I have been interacting with them since starting college.

Going to college, away from friends, some that you’ve known your whole life, is kind of scary.  I have definitely noticed a difference in the kind of friends I’ve made in college so far versus the friends I have from home.  Luckily for me, two of my best friends from high school go to Penn State, too.  However, the enormous size of campus and our busy schedules have prevented our getting together as often as we had at home.

I definitely love my new friends here at school.  My floormates and I have become really close.  But, because we have all only known each other for five months or so, the friendships at school aren’t comprable to the ones I have with the friends I’ve known since kindegarten.  Has anyone else noticed that?


I’ve seen many of my friends with older siblings grow closer to their siblings when their siblings leave for college.  (Partly because I have no older siblings) College has made me feel even closer to my friends at home.  My high school best friends and I make a point to get lunch together once a week and go out together once a weekend.  I feel blessed to have a balance of new friends and old friends at school.

old friends(BFFs since 2 years old)

college friends(Still best friends hanging out in college)

But I have definitely come to really value my old friends moreso since coming to school.  I can be moody and awkward and weird around my old friends and they don’t question it.  They care about everything I have to say with full understanding of what I’ve been through and what certain things mean to me.  They are there for me when I am stressed beyond belief.  And I love being able to bring them Nutella when their boyfriends dump them, despite only speaking to them on a weekly basis.

I certainly love my new friends and they are there for me, too, as I am for them.  However, it is still so different.  Thus, I value both old and new friends, but my appreciation of old friends has grown, especially after reading those wise words from the Godfather.

6 thoughts on “Friendship and College

  1. I love this. Such a nice reminder of what matters and how we should value those closest to us.

  2. This is such a great post! While I do have some friends from high school here, none of my closest friends attend this school. It’s nice that you have been able to find a balance between old friends and new. I can really identify with what you’re saying about new friends though- while my floormates are some of the closest friends I’ve made here, I have to remind myself that we have only known each other for a few months. It’s hard sometimes because we’re not used to their habits and behaviors, but I think it’s all just a part of the college process.

  3. Friendship IS great! I’ve come to the appreciation of a really friendship too while at college. New friendships are exciting and fun to meet and get to know new, interesting people, but there the time and memories you have with old friends gives their friendships a different element of comfort and closeness. WOOHOO to friendship!

  4. I definitely feel like there is a huge difference between the friends I’ve made at college and the friends I have at home. Honestly, I love them all exponentially and would do anything for anyone of them. However, I think I am opposite of you. None of my friends from high school came to Penn State and none are even remotely close. The closest is probably at Ohio University and the farthest is at Pepperdine University in California. So, I really was starting from scratch when I came to Penn State. But luckily for me, my floor has been absolutely amazing (kind of like your floor! 😉 ) and I have completely embraced the college life and college friendships. But I think it is truly amazing that you are able to keep such strong connections with your friends from high school. Keep it up, because they will be your best friends for life!

  5. I love the idea of relating The Godfather to your own personal life. I have a feeling that it is surprisingly packed full of life lessons. I completely agree that my friendship from home are different than my friendships here. I love all my new friends here and when I went home, I really did miss everyone, but I love getting to see all my friends from home. With my old friends, we know each other so well that our conversation will move in five different directions all at once, and we will all perfectly understand each other. I am sure my college friendships will continue to develop and become a bit more like my home friendships given a little more time.

  6. I understand exactly how you feel! Two of my best friends go to the same school near my home, which makes me both jealous of them and miss them so much. As nice as it is to approach college with a completely clean slate – since no one knows who you are – I like having connections with people that run deeper, and who accept my quirks, like you said.

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