The Trust Factor

“”Your father did business with Hyman Roth; Your father respected Hyman Roth; But your father never trusted Hyman Roth.”

hyman_roth (Do you think you can trust this guy?  It’s Hyman Roth and he really manipulated Michael all throughout The Godfather Part II.)

-Respect vs. trust is a fine line – or is it?  Respect can be very impersonal.  You can respect someone you don’t agree with, but trust runs pretty deep.  Can you trust someone you don’t respect?

I think trust relates to personal judgement.  I think trust is completely rooted in one’s personal interest and views.  If you know someone who is obsessed with money, you’re not going to loan them $50 and expect them to pay you back, regardless of whether you respect them or not.

I think the main difference between trust and respect is intimate connection.  You can respect someone without really even knowing them.  For instance, I respect all authority to some degree because they are in authority, or they have great credentials or their have a history of immaculate ethics and a notable open mind. With these traits, I don’t even have to meet the person to know I respect them.

However, when it comes to trust, different terms are at stake.  Trust puts that other individual in a responsible position, while respect merely puts person at an even position.  I would like to think you don’t have to respect someone you trust.  However, in order to trust someone, you have to know that their interests coincide with yours so that your stake isn’t at risk.

Thus, I feel like Don Corleone makes logical sense.  You can respect someone without necessarily trusting them, but gaining trust requires more than just respect.

3 thoughts on “The Trust Factor

  1. You make a good point. My personal opinion is that I will respect anyone unless I’m given a legitimate reason not to. However, trust is very different for me too. It takes a long time to build up trust and I usually don’t trust people that I don’t have a really good relationship with.

  2. Great way to relate the Godfather to the real world. Crazy how many lessons are packed in this movie. I agree that there is a distinction between respect and trust. You can respect someone, but still be warry of trusting them. To really trust someone though I think you have to respect them too.

  3. I agree, I believe trust and respect are separate entitities. To trust is to have an intimate connection and have a personal relationship with someone. To respect is to hold someone higher than yourself, and often times fear them. However, I feel like is you trust someone you respect them, but respect doesn’t necessitate trust.

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