“Leave the gun, take the canoli.” – Clemenza.
This is my absolute FAVORITE quote from The Godfather Part I. This is after they kill Pauli while he is peeing. What a way to go.
As morbid as this scene is, this line reminds us all about how little mafia members value human life. They see it as “business.” How horrible is that?! How would you like to be killed to prove a point to an enemy. I think they sign up for that risk in the beginning, but does that make it right? Their whole life is immoral so I gyesss ito only makes sense that they’re immoral and belittle a death.
Anyway, the importance of taking a canoli and leaving the gun shows how serious the mafia is about not wanting to get caught. The public knows they did it, but everyone plays dumb. Is that moral, is that just? I feel like the system of government is never as black and white as it appears to be. I think what they do is justified, but I would never put myself in their positions.

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