New Semester, Same Passion

Hey, guys, I’m back! So I figured I’d start off this new semester a bit different than last because you see I kind of started in the middle. I started with my time as an equestrian at PSU and this past summer but I didn’t even mention how I got there and how this passion all started! So here we go back to the beginning…

Well first let me introduce you to my best friend Rosie, we have known each other since we were 6 and since then did literally everything together.  Anyway, now you guys are all caught up and I can actually go back to the beginning.


Once upon a time…Joking, joking this isn’t a fairytale, my journey with horses began when I was 7 and I have my best friend to thank for it. You see I didn’t discover horses on my own she introduced me to them. My best friend Rosie, was always the adventurous one, the daredevil and that’s what made being her friend so fun, it was always unpredictable. So when she suggested that we start horseback riding, I of course agreed, because we did everything together, so why should this be any different.

Rosie and I went to our first lesson, and I instantly fell in love. I rode this pony named Gracie, she was sassy, sweet and I fell in love instantly. Now literally all we did that first lesson was learn how to get on properly and walk around but neither of us cared we were hooked from the moment we walked into the barn.

I have this passion for horses because of my best friend, and I have a lot to thank her for over the years but this is probably one the most important things she ever gave me, she gave me the opportunity to find my passion for horses when we were only 7 years old and I am so incredibly grateful because people spend their whole lives looking for their passion and I was able to find mine.

So that’s where it all began at Fox Ridge Farm in Newtown CT. 

My favorite memories of Fox Ridge were during the summer because of the week-long summer camp that they held every year. From the horseless horse show, trail rides, grooming all the horses, playing pony, pony horse (the horse girl version of duck, duck, goose) oh and my personal favorite the pony cart rides.

Now the pony cart rides were the best part because the adorable, fat and sweet miniature pony pulled a cart, made for 2 people took us up the long driveway and back.

I loved every minute of the time that I spent at Fox Ridge because it was a time when I was making memories with my best friends, and being around and growing my passion for horses and horseback riding each time I stepped foot in the barn and was around the horses.

My best friend gave me this passion that I now hold so dear to me and for that, I can’t thank her enough so this post was not only to kick off the semester with taking you all back to the beginning but to also show you that passions can begin because of someone else but that you choose to make it a passion for life.

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  1. Hi Kiki! I really liked the fact that you went back to the beginning to explain why you are so passionate about horses. I could feel the love and appreciation you have for your friend for introducing something to you, that means so much to you now. I think its really interesting and amazing that you found your passion at such a young age and were able to continue your passion into college. Since I wasn’t in your class last semester I didn’t get to read your passion blog but the love you speak of for horseback riding is so inspiring that it makes me want to go back and read your earlier posts. Thanks for sharing!

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