So I’m not going to torture you with a sunny vacay spot thats hot and tropical because quite frankly, I can’t do it. These sheets of ice on the sidewalk have hindered my abilities to venture the interweb for places that we all are longing to be. However, I would like to share something that is just as awesome and beautiful as the waters of Bora Bora. Alaska!


Taking an Alaskan cruise has always been a dream of mine. These cruises allow you to see wildlife and national parks from the view of the ship and also offers a beautiful view. Something I would be most interested in is seeing The Great Land’s glaciers. “The Great Land” is the meaning of “Alyeska”, obviously the derivative of “Alaska”. This land is known for its lush forests, high mountain peaks, and tons of wildlife, such as grizzlys and moose. You can travel through the gulf of Alaska, or if lucky, cruise through the Inside Passage, a coastal route extending from southeastern Alaska through western British Columbia. The passage offers ideal scenery and gives onlookers a feeling of refreshment and clarity.

Inside Passage

Inside Passage

If you are seriously considering taking this cruise you will experience a whole new aspect of the world that you never thought you would. An alaskan cruise is filled with culture, nature, and most importantly, a beautiful view. Never did I think I would long to go to Alaska so badly. I would absolutely sacrifice a week on the beach if it meant seeing the beauty that an Alaskan cruise had to offer.




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  1. mrk5397

    The most interesting part about this post was the contrast between the cruise and Alaska; typically I would associate cruises with warmer places, I never thought people would want to venture into someplace like Alaska on a cruise boat. I’ve had my fair share of interesting vacations, and this one seems like one I’d like to add to my list as well. Overall, it was an intriguing and informational post, and I look forward to future ones.

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