Ziplining through Neemrana

I woke up nice and early in my bed in Neemrana, and went to eat a long, filling breakfast before the long day ahead of me. When I got back to my room, I was surprised to see the whole rest of our travel group in there waiting for me. It turned out that all other rooms were checked out except for mine, where everyone was waiting before we got to leave to go ziplining. It was lucky we all waited inside this room, though, because only a few minutes after I got back- a huge monsoon started! Almost all of us were safe and dry in the room, except for one girl named Greer who got completely soaked by the storm.

Once it stopped raining, we all left my room and made our way to the “Flying Foxes HQ”, where we all received our ziplining harnesses. After everyone got a harness or two, it was time to hike. We hiked all the way to the top of a mountain so that we would be able to zipline down it. Once we got to the top, however, it started to monsoon again but this time with thunder and lightning. Our instructors mostly ignored the weather and continued to give us a short presentation on the correct form in order to zipline safely. After the presentation, we waited for there to be 15 minutes without any lightning. Once we were in the clear, we began!

I’ve gone ziplining many times before, but it always still scares me a little bit. This time though, I decided I was going to be brave and just go for it. And I did! It was amazing to jump off and zip through the foggy sky and overlook the city of Neemrana. We got to go down multiple lines, and we went the whole way back down the mountain to where we began. It was a little bit scary because of how recently there was lightning and the fact that we were on metal wires on top of a mountain… But nevermind that, everyone was safe in the end.

Our hands after ziplining, which were stained from the gloves

Once we finished we were all soaked so everybody went back to my room and showered, and we also laid our clothes out to dry in the now very hot sun. After some relaxing time, we packed everything back up and some hotel workers took our bags down to the bus. We eventually made our way down to the bus so we could begin our four-ish hour bus ride back to New Delhi.

On this bus ride, I worked more on my On-Assignment project. It was mainly just me writing out bullet points explaining the difference in eco-friendliness that I observed between the large cities such as New Delhi and the rural mountainous regions such as Ladakh. Once we got back to Delhi we ate dinner, and then finished presenting these projects. I gave mine on this night, and it was well received by everyone. I was very glad to have this project done with, because it was looming over me so strongly for the last few days of the trip.

After all of the presentations were finished, I got a shower and went right off to bed- I needed to make sure I got sleep before our last full day in India.

3 thoughts on “Ziplining through Neemrana

  1. I love this blog, your photos and video that you included are so cool to look at and watch. Every one of your posts sounds amazing, and I bet ziplining was thrilling. Your great way of describing your days and activities makes me feel like I was there as well, but hopefully one day I can experience these things too. Again, love this post and the style of your writing.

  2. I have only been ziplining once before, and it was a far less adventurous thing than what you did in India. I suppose you don’t truly know a place until you have flone above it hundreds of feet of the ground held on by only a steel line. The previous commenter is right about your blog’s media. The photos are great, and the fact that you include videos puts you above all the other travel blogs without video. I can’t wait for more.

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