This week I decided to talk about one of the most entertaining breed of dogs– the pug. Perhaps one of the most recognizable dogs, the pug has stolen the hearts of many around the world. With their bulgy eyes, curly tails, flattened nose, and funny personality, there is no doubt that this dog is hard to forget.

Originally bred in China, the pug became popular very quickly to Monks and landed itself the dog of choice among them. It then spread to Chinese royalty. The pug moved itself across the world to England and Ireland, where it  became a favorite breed to everyone, especially Queen Victoria. The pug is known for its gentle and sociable personality. Many people refer to the dog as “multum in parvo” which is Latin for “much in little,” perfectly describing the pug’s personality. Despite their small size, they hold a lot of character. They are most down for being a clown of sorts among other dogs not only for their looks, but because of their funny antics. To prove it, here is a funny dog video (of course I had to include one):

In terms of characteristics, pugs are probably most recognizable for their flattened-in faces and abundance of wrinkles. The wrinkles were actually bred into them in order to form a pattern on their forehead. If you look closely at their foreheads, the wrinkles will often form the Chinese symbols for the word “Prince.” Pugs’ bulgy eyes also give them a very cute, sometimes scary, look which people either hate or adore. In terms of their flattened faces, this produces probably the cutest thing about the pug: snorts. If you’ve ever been around a pug, you know that they cannot and will not stop snorting. This is because their flattened faces produce an elongated palette, which does cause breathing problems, but mostly just produces constant snorting. It’s best for pugs not to be kept in warm weather because of this, which may make it even more difficult for them to breath. They also are prone to getting infections in their wrinkles because of how close together and tight everything is, so it’s vital to keep their faces clean and groom them regularly. In terms of training, pugs are one of the easiest dogs to train. They are a very go-with-the-flow kind of dog and will adapt to any lifestyle which their owner has. They are often called the shadows of the dogs because they follow their owner so much and are able to adjust to any sort of lifestyle that particularly owner has. They also work with almost any family unit, which is very rare for dogs.

If you want a pug, I highly advise getting one. They are so comical, lovable, and loyal. There is no doubt that they will just want to please you and will do anything you want to do, truly defining the idea of man’s best friend.




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  1. I tend to fit in the category of people who are not overly fond of pugs, but I cannot deny that they can be adorable, and they do have lots of character. The history and background was really very interesting. By the end of the blog I could not help but think of the pug from Men In Black.

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