As you all may know, I love my dogs. Some may say I love them an unhealthy amount, though I disagree, but regardless they are my heart and soul. I have previously talked about Bella, but only in relation to the generic labrador. I decided to make these posts a little more personal, I would talk about her as a whole so you can get the big picture of what a great dog she is. Is this just my super-discreet way of bragging about my dog? Maybe. Is this post serving as an outlet for my love of my dog because everyone around me is tired of hearing about her? Definitely. So, without anymore delay, let’s dive right in.

My family did not want a labrador. We had a lab in previous years, one my parents bought when they first got married and was basically their first child. They named her after their first dance song at their wedding: “Mandy” by Barry Manilow. Mandy was practically my dad’s dog, but we all grew up around her. She was the most gentle and loving dog ever, so much so that I still have fond memories of her even though I was a kid. She was in our lives until I was six, but she died at eleven. It tore my dad apart. My brothers couldn’t stop crying, and neither could my mom. We didn’t want a lab after that, afraid of losing another great dog like her.

Well, it only took six years of convincing for him to finally give into another dog. We had already had Coco and Chipper, and though we were anxious to add another dog into the mix, we knew a lab would be the perfect fit. We picked Bella out through a local breeder who had great reviews. Me, my mom, and my dad went to pick her out. I still regard this day as one of the best days of my life.

Warning: it gets super cheesy and emotional.

It was around May when we picked her out, doubling as a birthday present to me and my brother, whose birthdays both fall around the same time. The breeder had three types of dog: hunting, show, and family. Obviously, we wanted the family, and specifically requested for chocolate labs. He contacted us when a new littler was born, so after many months of waiting, we finally got to go pick one out. The new litter was in this little corral and all of them were yapping loudly. The breeder opened the gates and a few of them ran out towards us, but the smallest one ran right to me and into my lap. I didn’t care what my parents wanted, or which one they thought we should get, I wanted the one I had in my arms. She refused to be put down and wouldn’t leave me alone. We argued about it for an hour, even made cases for why we wanted the one we wanted, until they finally gave in.

We had to wait a few weeks until we could come back and take her home because she needed to be properly fed and taken care of, and that was actually the longest wait I’ve ever experienced. When we finally took her home, it was as if she had been there the whole time. She was able to make herself comfortable and explore the backyard, become acquainted with Chipper and Coco, and pee everywhere. She’s always been energetic and chewy, but especially as a pup. She ate her way through five remotes and numerous leftovers off the counter. She’s knocked off Christmas ornaments with her tail (which is very aggressive, by the way) and managed to break a lock on a door (we still don’t know how). In addition, the bond we first made when I picked her out became unshakeable. She followed me everywhere, would sit at the bottom of the stairs when I went up them, and would take every opportunity she could to be close to me. I’m the one who named her, taught her how to sit, speak, and shake, and even taught her how to swim. She really became an important part of my day. If I was ever sad, or angry, or upset, she would know. I think I read somewhere that dogs have a sixth sense about that sort of thing. I used to not believe it, but now I think I do.

That day changed my life because it brought me my very best friend. She’s a tad kooky but we all love her dearly. She’s the best snuggle partner, the best swimming partner, and the best of friends. I could go on and on about my infinite love for her, but surely it’s too much at this point, so I’ll just leave you with some adorable pictures of me and her.

me & Bella (I was young ok)

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  1. Your story is so sweet and adorable. Growing up my family had two white German Shepherds named Max and Sara. When they died, we decided to switch dog breeds (my parents had had shepherds their entire lives) and get a lab. We had initially wanted a female chocolate lab, but when we went to the dairy farm where a guy had some unexpected puppies, a little black squirt sat down in front of my parents. My dad decided right then and there that he was going to go home with us eventually. Mozart and my mom are a hilarious, and we all love Mozart to death. It breaks my heart to see him age.

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