I Could Make That: No Sew Tutu

THON is in less than two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Last Friday night, my friend Lisa and I ventured out to Walmart in the freezing cold to buy 90 yards of tulle and bunches of elastic to make THON tutus with all the ladies of our committee.

Unlucky for me, in between helping others make their tutus, I didn’t have a chance to make mine.

Lucky for me, I realized today that it would be a silly and simple project to put up on my blog!

The Project: No Sew Tutu


The Inspiration: I found these simple directions and adapted from there!

The Materials: Approximately five yards of tulle. Scissors. Elastic to fit around your waist.

The Steps: The first thing I did was to have each of the girls from my committee measure out the elastic for their waistbands. When measuring the elastic, pull it so that it fits snuggly, but not so tightly that it is uncomfortable. Add about two inches to this measurement so that you can easily tie the two ends together in a knot.


For every tutu, you will need about five yards of tulle. Some girls ended up needing a little more, some girls ended up needing a little less. This really depends on the size you made your waistband.


Before you get started, you will need to take your tulle and fold it in half—lengthwise or hotdog style. From the folded edge, cut the tulle into strips. The length of the strip is entirely up to you. I found that strips of about 3 inches in width worked well to make the tutu nice and fluffy!


(If your tulle is extremely wide, you may want to consider cutting these strips in half once more. This also depends on how long you want the skirt of your tutu to be. In the photos that I am showing, I have cut my tulle in half.)

Next, take your strip of tulle and fold it in half forming a loop. Place the folded strip underneath your elastic waistband so that the looped half is facing upward. Grab the tails of your strip and pull them around the waistband and through the loop, forming what looks like a knot. Keep pulling until the tail ends stick out and the knot is firmly secured on the waistband.




You will need to repeat this step over and over and over again, until your entire waistband is covered.


Once you have completely covered your waistband, your tutu is almost complete! At this point, you can take your scissors and trim your skirt, add other colors in between the knots on your waistband, or bedazzle the edges of your skirt with sequins! I added a few pieces of a second color and evened out the length of my skirt.

Now you have the perfect tutu to rock during THON weekend–or to your next class!


  1. Catherine Roberts

    That’s a great idea! I once made hairbands for my sister’s cheerleading team like this but with ribbon instead of tulle. I’m sure you can’t wait for THON!

  2. As always, I am amazed with your skill and creativity! I think the Tutu looks very cute and reminiscent of Halloween!

  3. Caitlin Gibbons

    This looks like such a fun and easy project to complete! And your skirt turned out so well! I know many of my friends would love to try and make tutus with me for THON too. As always, I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing the cool crafty thing you’ll make next week!

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