PFP Student Programming Grants

One-Time Events
  • Applications should be submitted at least 30 days before the intended program date.
  • All requests for funding must show documentation of expenses and list all proposed expenses in an itemized budget.
  • All events must be advertised on the PFP Events page.
  • Proposals may include a request for funds for food to complement an event.
  • Funding for needed supplies (e.g., art supplies) may be included within reason.
  • Sample Events: PFP student meeting with a guest speaker; a film screening with an invited guest; or attendance at a performance
Sustained Discussion/Reading Groups
  • Discussion groups should contain between 5 and 15 participants.
  • All meetings of discussion/reading groups must be advertised on the PFP Events page.
  • Attendance: Students should keep a list of students who attend each meeting.
  • Accounting: Students should keep receipts for all purchases using PFP funds.
  • Continuity: Discussion groups may occur over multiple semesters but will be asked to submit an application each semester.
  • Books: Reading groups can buy up to 15 copies of the same book. All books should be returned after use for future discussion groups.
  • Sample Discussion/Reading Groups: foreign language conversation groups, special interest reading groups, discussion groups to complement ongoing Penn State programing, i.e. College Town Film Festival, IAH Cities Project, and State of State
How to Apply:
  • Send an email to, being sure to include your contact information, Paterno Fellows status, and all programming information as outlined here. Successful applications will enhance students’ education, ignite an interest, or make students consider a topic more deeply.
  • A Programming Grant Committee, consisting of a PFP staff member and three Student Representatives, will make the awards.

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