Paterno Fellows Coaches

Do you have questions about the Paterno Fellows Program, but don’t know where to turn for answers? PFP Coaches are now on duty! Coaches are current PFs who are here to share their experiences, insights, and recommendations with you.

Contact a Coach if you are looking for more info about:

  • Examples of service and leadership you performed
  • Resources you used for studying, getting internships, getting involved in research, etc.
  • Experiences you had while studying abroad
  • Experiences you had on internships
  • What you considered when choosing research opportunities, study abroad, etc.
  • Things you wish you had known as a first-year student that would have made your experience even better

Contact the PF Assistant regarding:

  • What will be accepted for PFP requirements
  • Honors credit counts

Contact your Adviser regarding:

  • Course selection
  • Graduation requirements in the major

Contact Faculty regarding:

  • Thesis requirements
  • Questions about the professional field of the disciplines you are studying


PF Coaches

Brendan Bernicker, ’19 Philosophy, Political Science, IUG MA Political Science

Ciara Henschke, ’19 French and Psychology

Jack Shean, ’19 History

Anelia Slavoff, ’20 History

Cory Steinle, ’20 Labor and Employment Relations, Communication Arts and Sciences

Evan Toomey, ’20 Economics

Daniel Zahn, ’20 English, Philosophy, Communication Arts and Sciences

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