October 16, 2018


Lunch with Honors Speaker Series

October 17, 12:15-1:00 p.m., 7A Sparks Building (ground floor at end of hall)

Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director and CEO of Ballet Hispanico

Lunch is provided, and advance registration is not needed. Just drop in!

Ballet Hispanico is performing at Eisenhower Auditorium on October 17 at 7:30 p.m. as part of Penn State’s Center for the Performing Arts’ “I Am Woman” theme for this season.

Watch Ballet Hispánico perform Línea Recta.

Liberal Arts Fall Etiquette Dinner ~ RSVP Required

October 17, 6:00-8:00 p.m., Nittany Lion Inn

Ever find yourself in a formal dining situation and realize you’re not sure which bread plate or glass is yours? Or which is the right fork to use? Or with a dining etiquette question? Join us for a fun and educational dinner that covers basic dining etiquette so you will be prepared for future interview lunches and/or dinners. RSVP required in Nittany Lion Careers.

“Global is Everywhere: Essentials for Career Success” Public Lecture

October 18, 4:30 p.m., Foster Auditorium, Paterno Library

Stacie Berdan, international career expert and award-winning author, will discuss how you can develop a global mindset to advance your future career in the U.S. or abroad. Berdan has served as strategist, coach and counselor to CEOs, politicians and senior executives around the world having worked in more than 50 countries. Her extensive global leadership experience in corporate communications and marketing, public affairs, organizational communication, and cross-cultural consulting extends across four continents. She currently serves as marketing consultant to globally-focused organizations in the U.S. and around the world and has authored six books on the intersection of globalization and careers.

Film Showing and Panel Session: Shock and Awe

October 18, 6:00 p.m., State Theatre, West College Avenue

The Davis Program in Ethical Leadership is happy to announce that it will host a screening of the new Rob Reiner film, Shock and Awe, followed by a panel session with the three journalists depicted in the film.

Shock and Awe, released in mid-July, dramatizes the story of the small Knight-Ridder team in Washington that detailed the faulty intelligence used by the Bush administration to make its argument that an invasion of Iraq was necessary to destroy Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. At the time, other national news outlets were overwhelmingly parroting the Bush administration claims and rationales. Knight-Ridder’s critical reporting proved accurate, and the NYT went so far as to publish an unprecedented apology for its lack of critical coverage on the issue. Watch the trailer…

Liberal Arts Parents and Families Weekend Event

Saturday, October 20, 10:00-11:00 a.m., 121 Sparks Building

Liberal Arts students and their families are invited to come learn how our popular Liberal Arts Edge seminar — Moments of Change: Remembering 1968 — provides our students with the multidimensional, broadly edifying experience that marks the best of a liberal arts education, combining interdisciplinary education, co-curricular activities, and engagement with our vast alumni network. For more info and to register…

Global Exchange Forum Hosted by Women in Business and Multicultural Women’s Forum ~ RSVP Required

October 23, 6:30- 8:30 p.m., 110 Business Building and Atrium

Engage with a panel of diverse and experienced members of the Penn State community who will share their global experiences and insights with students. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about business customs from around the world and understand international business etiquette. Additionally, hear from an Education Abroad Adviser about the benefits of studying abroad! This is a FREE event with limited seating and a multicultural cuisine dinner will be provided. RSVP here…

Info Session: LATAM 499 Contemporary Colombia Maymester Program

October 25, 5:00 p.m., 104 Biobehavioral Health Building

Colombia has experienced profound economic, social and political change over the last two generations, and is now in a “post-conflict” stage having concluded a peace agreement with the FARC guerrilla group. The Contemporary Colombia Program offered by the Schreyer Honors College examines these changes in different regional settings, and in large cities through small towns and the countryside. We interact with universities, local government offices, and a range of non-governmental organizations to gain an understanding of various aspects of Colombian, and by extension South American, economics, culture, politics, and society. The program, which carries 3 honors credits, will run from May 6 through June 3, 2019, and is open to all Penn State students with at least two semesters of Spanish or equivalent.

For more information, see https://www.shc.psu.edu/academic/abroad/colombia.cfm or contact Dr. Richard Stoller at rjs27@psu.edu.

In the News

Olivia Hamm, ’19 PF Philosophy, Selected to Homecoming Court

The Penn State Student Court is made up of ten individuals who have embraced opportunities within academics, leadership, and community service. Olivia is 2019 THON Alumni Engagement Director, and has previously been involved in Camp Kesem, Pink Zone, and Headbands of Hope. Congratulations, Lulu!

Two Paterno Fellows among Inaugural Bellisario College Fellows

Ten Penn State students have been selected as the inaugural group of Bellisario College Fellows in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications. Faculty nominated 90 students who then applied and interviewed for the final selection. Fellows met with alumnus Donald P. Bellisario at a private lunch during Homecoming week. Full story…

Two Paterno Fellows are among the inaugural group of Bellisario College Fellows:
Christina Chambers, ’20 PF Advertising/Public Relations and Political Science
Ellis Stump, ’19 PF Media Studies and English

Courses / Curriculum / PFP Requirements

LA 197-002 Mass Death and National Monuments: the 2018 Washington D.C. Memorial to World War One in Comparative Perspective (1 cr) Honors / Ethics Course for Spring 19

Instructor: John Horne, Paterno Fellow Visiting Professor from Trinity College, Dublin

Extended war with large-scale death is not a modern phenomenon. However, when such wars are fought by the “people” (as opposed to rulers and elites), “the people” are deemed to have made the key sacrifice. Questions of how to commemorate the war dead, given the losses, become central (famously expressed in the case of the American Civil War by Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address). The answers take many forms – political rhetoric, socio-political reforms, public rituals, veterans’ movements – but monuments symbolising the sacrifice are key. How they are proposed and built, who supports or opposes them, what form do they take aesthetically, and how does what is said at their inaugurations (or later) reflect victory or defeat, the scale of the loss and the status of the dead (men, women, soldiers, civilians). We shall examine the US National Memorial to World War One in Washington, DC, scheduled to be inaugurated in November 2018. We shall ask why it took a hundred years for such a memorial to be created when monuments had already been erected in the nation’s capital to honour US involvement in the other major wars of the 20th century. We shall study the creation and meaning of the memorial in its American and international contexts, using multiple disciplines (history, cultural studies, art and architectural history, anthropology, etc.). We shall visit Washington in order to study the monument and compare it to other war memorials in the capital, notably those to World War Two, Korea and Vietnam.

Class Meeting Times: 5-6:30pm Thursday, Feb 7, 14, 21, 28 PLUS Tuesday, Feb 19, and an all-day trip to Washington, DC, on Saturday, Feb 23. Class attendance is mandatory. If you must miss class or this trip, do not enroll in this course.

Coming soon to LionPATH …
LA 197 Taking the Humanities Public (1 cr) Honors / Ethics Course for Spring 19

This course will explore the role of work and workers in our contemporary world through the lens of public humanities. Students will learn how philosophy, history, law and politics, religion, anthropology, archeology, literature, and visual and performing arts approach work as an object of study. The course will also survey the methods humanities scholars, activists, museum curators, historic site interpreters, artists, and writers use to bring examinations of work to public audiences. Finally, students will apply their own humanities skills to a modest collaborative project of their own that engages some aspect of work in Centre County.

Why work? Whether paid or unpaid, occurring inside or outside the home, performed for an employer or for one’s self, carried out alone or with others, the experience of having work to do links people from vastly different backgrounds and perspectives. Work roots us in space, shapes individual and group identities, and helps determine economic security and quality of life. Furthermore, in ways that are often hidden, questions about work lie at or near the heart of many of today’s most pressing issues: poverty and income inequality, climate change, immigration, globalization, mass incarceration, and sexual harassment and violence. The study of work and workers offers a way to build bridges between people and foster empathy within communities. Yet, the multivalent nature of work requires a variety of tools to capture its multitude of forms and meanings.

15 contact hours, to include at least some of the following: Six 2-hour class meetings; One 2-hour field trip; and one 1-hour meeting with instructor. Class meeting dates/times TBD.

RCL Registration for Spring 2019

Please note that Rhetoric and Civic Life (RCL) sections for Spring 19 are designated as CAS 138T or ENGL 138T. A search on LionPATH for 138 without the T will yield no results. Be sure to include the T suffix in your search!

Ethics Courses

Check our website for courses you can take to meet the PFP Ethics requirement. New courses are added as departments alert us of their offerings, or as students bring them to our attention. Students must complete 3 credits in ethics (one 3-credit course, or a series of 1- or 2-credit courses) before graduation.

Service / Leadership

Lion Ambassadors Applications Open for Sophomores and Juniors

The Lion Ambassadors, “ordinary students with extraordinary pride,” are Penn State’s Student Alumni Corps who aim to communicate the University’s history, personality and traditions to students, alumni and friends through tours and programming. Full-time sophomores or juniors can apply now through December 8. For more info and to apply…

Leadership Education and Development Program

Penn State Student Affairs is offering an online program, Leadership Education and Development. Students who complete the modules on leadership concepts, styles, and strategies will earn a certificate. More info…

PFP Service / Leadership Requirement

Fellows are expected to take on a leadership role or offer volunteer services to a community of their choice totaling at least 50 hours during their college career. Participants in the Presidential Leadership Academy automatically meet this requirement. To document a leadership or service experience, download the Leadership or Service Documentation Form; complete and submit it using the contact information on the form. Hours may be reported as they are completed for short-term projects, or after the minimum time is met for long-term experiences.

Your Blurb Here

Are you involved with a local service group that is open for new members? Send your blurb to PaternoFellows@psu.edu and we’ll publish it here. Please include a brief description of your mission, expectations, information sessions/meetings, how to join, etc.

Funding and Research

Erickson Discovery Grants Application Now Open

The 2019 Erickson Discovery Grants application is open now through January 21. Selected students will receive a $3,500 grant in support of student engagement in original research, scholarship, and creative work under the supervision of a faculty member. For details including info session schedule…

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship Applications due November 12

The Center for Global Studies is pleased to announce the competition for FLAS Fellowships, authorized under Title VI of the Higher Education Act and administered by the U.S. Department of Education. FLAS Fellowships assist undergraduate and graduate students in achieving competency in selected foreign languages and conducting research in related international and area studies.

FLAS Information Sessions:
November 6, 1:00-2:30 PM, 463 Burrowes
November 9, 2:00-3:30 PM, 463 Burrowes

For more information including eligibility, requirements and application forms, download the flyer, visit http://cgs.la.psu.edu/funding, or email flas@psu.edu.

Gettysburg National Military Park, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Undergraduate Summer Internships

Deadline to Apply: January 28, 2019

Do you have an interest in preserving our nation’s history and sharing it with the public? Do you want to put your knowledge of history to good use this summer? The Richards Civil War Era Center invites applications from qualified Penn State undergraduate students for four paid positions at historic sites during the summer of 2019: two at Gettysburg National Military Park and two at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. The internships provide students hands-on experience in the work of public history. These non-credit internships come with a $3,500 stipend and free housing at the national parks. For details…

Walk-in Wednesdays Now Available at the Career Enrichment Network

We are excited to announce walk-in hours will be available for all Liberal Arts majors every Wednesday. Stop by the Career Enrichment Network in 101 Sparks Building from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays to get your resume reviewed, talk to a staff member about your internship/job search, get answers to your questions, and more! Bring a copy of your resume with you for your 15 minute session.

Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program

Network with Penn State Alumni! Apply to the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program. Students are matched with alumni working in their field of interest; mentors help with networking, interview prep, and more. Applications are open year-round. More information can be found here.

Enrichment Funds Applications Open for Spring 19

Participating in an internship or study abroad opportunity this spring? Apply for Liberal Arts Enrichment Funds. Applications are now open for the spring semester. Priority deadline: December 1. Learn more…

Internship Opportunities

Nittany Lion Careers is Penn State’s new single-system recruiting platform. You will be able to use Nittany Lion Careers to: search and apply to internship and job opportunities; upload your resume for review, schedule an appointment with a Career Enrichment Network staff member to help with your career development; view upcoming events; and more!


Updating your Information in the Paterno Fellows Database

Update the PFP database as you complete your Paterno Fellows requirements. You are responsible for marking them “Claimed Satisfied” or turning in the appropriate documentation forms. You should update the requirements you’ve met as you complete them. Please do not wait until your graduation semester. We need time to approve your submissions and mark them “Satisfied.” For further instructions, see the PFP website.

Paterno Fellows Coaches

Do you have questions about the Paterno Fellows Program, but don’t know where to turn for answers? PFP Coaches are now on duty! Coaches are current PFs who are here to share their experiences, insights, and recommendations with you. Learn more about how Coaches can assist you…

PFP Student Programming Grants

Paterno Fellows are encouraged to apply for Programming Grants for One-Time Events or Sustained Discussion / Reading Groups. Successful applications will enhance students’ education, ignite an interest, or make students consider a topic more deeply. For details, see: pfp-student-programming-grants/

How can I describe the Paterno Fellows Program on my resume?

Paterno Fellows Program, College of the Liberal Arts

Honors Program including advanced academic coursework, thesis, study abroad and/or internship, ethics study, and leadership/service commitment

Director’s Office Hours for Fall 2018

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9:00 a.m.-noon, 302 Weaver Building

Catherine Wanner, Professor of History, Anthropology, and Religious Studies, and Barry Director of the Paterno Fellows Program

Feel free to stop by if you have questions, or just to say hello!

Social Media

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