PAW gives presentation on getting into grad school for SPS members

PAW gave an informal presentation at the Society of Physics Students (SPS) meeting on November 12, 2014 about how to get into grad school followed by a panel of graduate students (both male and female) who answered questions and give tips about their experience with grad school applications/life/research or whatever the members of SPS had a question about.

First, Kelly and Amber gave a presentation with information on what to consider when applying to schools for your graduate career, what’s involved in the application process, how to boost your application, and what to look for during the visiting weekend to know if that graduate program is a good fit for you.  The powerpoint presentation that we showed can be found here.

spsmeeting1 spsmeeting2

The panelists included:

Kelly Malone (2nd year, particle astrophysics experiment, email:

Amber McCreary (4th year, condensed matter experiment,email:

Beatrice Bonga (3rd year, gravitational physics & cosmology theory, email:

Cody Messick (2nd year, gravitational physics & cosmology experiment, email:

If you have an individual question for one of the panelists, feel free to shoot any of them an email and they would be happy to help out.  PAW and the AstroClub will be teaming up to give a presentation on “getting into research” in undergrad in the spring semester, so stay tuned!

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