One of the most important objectives of PAW+ is to inform people about the idea of women in sciences in general, and in physics and astronomy in particular.  There are many issues that are generally unknown, the first one being the gender bias — both male and female scientists are unwittingly subjected to it (see the Resources Page for more information on these ideas).

PAW+ also organizes activities for kids to spread popular concepts in physics and astronomy and get them excited about science!  We want to make these subjects more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.  Moreover, we believe that women explaining science to children – rather than giving a formal speech – will be more effective in teaching them about gender equality in STEM fields.

Please feel free to browse the images below of some of our previous outreach events and stay tuned to the website/listserv to find out about upcoming outreach opportunities!  You can find out more details about specific events under the Events Page.

Check out this AWESOME video made by PSUScienceU about EYH STEM Day that PAW participated in. THIS IS WHY WE DO OUTREACH!

The funding for our Squishy Circuits outreach activity came from the AAUW State College Branch Mini-Grant Program.  For more information about the grant and how you can apply, see their website!

Upcoming Outreach Events (Mark your calendars!)

  • Check back soon for an updated schedule!

Previous Outreach Events…

2018-2019 events

2016-2017 school year events

Outreach activities we participated in this year include Arts Fest, State College Exploration U, Bald Eagle Exploration U, Expanding Your Horizons, and the Science Expo at Ferguson Elementary School.  A few pictures are below.  Our main activity for this year was Magnetricks

“Science and Art Expo” at Ferguson Elementary School – March 2016


Ferguson3 Ferguson1

EYH STEM Career Day at Penn State – January 2016

IMAG1233 IMAG1234 IMAG1235 IMAG1236 IMAG1237 IMAG1238 IMAG1239 IMAG1240 IMAG1241 IMAG1242 IMAG1244 IMAG1245 IMAG1246 IMAG1249 IMAG1251 IMAG1252 IMAG1253 IMAG1254 IMAG1255 IMAG1256 IMAG1257 IMAG1259 IMAG1260 IMAG1261 IMAG1231 IMAG1232

Fall Festival of the Port Matilda Elementary School – November 2015

portmat5portmat1portmat7portmat2  portmat4 portmat3portmat6portmat8

Exploration-U: Bellefonte Science Night – November 2015

IMG_0672 IMG_0671

IMG_0670 IMG_0669

IMG_0668 IMG_0667


Haunted-U Halloween Science Event – October 2015

HauntedU7 HauntedU5

HauntedU2 hauntedU1

\HauntedU6 HauntedU4

Higher Achievement Program Awards Outreach Opportunity – August 2015

This year,  PAW did the squishy circuits demonstration with Higher Achievement scholars who were at Penn State for a summer program.  See the details below…

“Higher Achievement’s rigorous afterschool and summer academic program closes the opportunity gap for middle school youth in at-risk communities.  The program’s proven model provides a rigorous year-round learning environment, caring role models, and a culture of high expectations, resulting in college-bound scholars with the character, confidence, and skills to succeed.  On average, 95% of scholars who complete Higher Achievement advance to top academic high school programs and 93% advance to college.  Scholars are from at-risk, underserved communities in Washington DC who are completing rigorous after school and 6 week Summer Academy with this culminating overnight university trip to introduce them to college options to which they may not ordinarily have access (80% of the scholars will be first generation college students and students come from schools with at least a 75% free and reduced lunch rate).  To learn more about the highly successful Higher Achievement Program, see the Website.  Approximately 80 7th and 8th grade students will be making the trip to PSU.  The students are divided into small groups who visit many labs and facilities on campus.”

We believe that our squishy circuits demonstration was be wonderfully engaging and informative for the students attending the college visit.

KidsFest at the Centre County Arts Fest – July 2015

One of our favorite outreach events of the year is definitely the KidsFest Science booths at the Arts Festival and it has become a tradition for PAW to participate.  This year we used the Squishy circuit demonstrate to teach the general public (both kids and adults alike!) all about current, resistance, and conductivity.   Our PAW members were joined by summer REU students and high school students from the Upper Bound Math and Science program and everyone had a great time; even the rain wasn’t too much of a problem =)  Check out some pictures below.

IMG_2287 IMG_2279 IMG_2271 IMG_2270 IMG_2269 IMG_2267 IMG_2266 IMG_2265 IMG_2263 IMG_2252 IMG_2251 IMG_2250

Park Forest Middle School STEM Fair

This year, PAW had a booth at the Park Forest Middle School STEM Fair where many different groups from the scientific community did science demonstrations for the middle school students to show them how fun and interesting science can be.  We did our Squishy Cirucits demonstration in which we taught the students about electricity and circuits while having fun with play-doh!  The students (and us!) really seemed to enjoy it.


IMG_1464 IMG_1463 IMG_1460 IMG_1459

Exploration-U:  State College STEM Night

On March 24, 2015, PAW, among 40 other groups, participated to the Exploration U Science Night which attracted about 700 persons. With our squishy circuits activity, we attracted numerous children and families eager to learn more about electrical circuits.  Check out thisAWESOME VIDEO about the night!

IMG_1345 IMG_1346 IMG_1350 IMG_1353 IMG_1355 IMG_1358 IMG_1360 IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1366 IMG_1367 IMG_1368 IMG_1369 IMG_1371 IMG_1372

Expanding Your Horizons STEM Career Day

PAW hosted a session at the EYH STEM Career Day, which was a full day of science enrichment that includes a mini career fair, break out sessions, speakers, and a chance to for 6-8th grade girls to work with Penn State students, graduate students, and faculty.  Young women had the chance to ponder their future in STEM disciplines.

PAW did a workshop called “Squishy Circuits,” which was inspired by the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas and allowed the girls to create their very own electrical circuits using Play Doh.  For more info on Squishy Circuits, see here.

PAW’s involvement in EYH was a huge success.  First, we got to show a whole bunch of middle school girls how awesome physics is by showing off our beautiful glittery poster on different career paths that an education in physics can take you.  Then, we were able to teach them about electrical circuits by playing with insulating and conducting Play-Doh.  It was a great day!  Check out the VIDEO that captures the excitement that was present throughout the day. More pictures can also be found here. Kelly Malone was even in theCollegian’s report on EYH!

IMG_0291 IMG_0287 IMG_0284 20150131_134834 IMG_0292 IMG_0285 IMG_0283 IMG_0282 IMG_0279 20150131_134737 IMG_0280 2015-01-31 09.16.54 2015-01-31 09.14.27 2015-01-31 08.35.00 2015-01-31 08.34.47 2015-01-31 08.29.06

 Cookie Fundraiser for United Way State College

PAW was able to help the physics department raise $137 for United Way State College by baking cookies and giving them out for donations at the Osmond-Davey overpass.  We also spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon together (Nov 2) baking the cookies at Susan’s place while watching movies.  We were happy to raise money for a great cause such as United Way, which is a non-profit organization focused on providing funds and support for improving communities.

cookies8 cookies7 cookies6 cookies5 cookies3 cookies4 cookies2 cookies1

Eberly College of Science Welcome Carnival – August 2014

welc1 welc4 welc5 welc2 welc3  welc6

ArtsFest Kids Day – July 2014

artsfest6 artsfest7 artsfest5 artsfest4 artsfest3 artsfest2 artsfest1

ArtsFest Kids Day 2013

ZJ JIMG_1275 JIMG_1273 J20130710_144338 J20130710_144305 IMG_3531 IMG_3530 IMG_3527 IMG_3526 IMG_3524 IMG_3522 IMG_3517 IMG_3513 IMG_3511 IMG_3510 IMG_3509 IMG_3507 IMG_3505 AIMG_3532

ArtsFest Kids Day – July 2011

IMG_0749 IMG_0750 IMG_0751 IMG_0764