PAW+ Travel Fund

Maximum Award Allocation:  $500.  The awardee will fill out a travel registration form before the travel and an expense form with attached receipts for reimbursement after the the travel.  The claim should be adjusted equitably to reflect activities undertaken for other organizations.

Eligibility: Undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs in the Physics and Astronomy department at Penn State. The applicant has to be an active member of PAW+* and has already attended at least two PAW+-related events in the last twelve months, preferably including an outreach event. Members of any gender identity are welcome to apply. There are no restrictions on how many times one can apply, but it is unlikely for one to be awarded the travel fund more than once.

*Active member definition: According to the PAW+ constitution, an active member has to be a Penn State student who attends regular meetings of the club.

Application materials: The following documents need to be sent electronically to the PAW+ academic advisor (see below)

  • CV;
  • A statement of support from advisor; and
  • A statement of purpose (maximum 1-page).  The statement of purpose should describe:
  • applicant’s interest and purpose for attending the conference/school;
  • the estimated cost;
  • a list of other funding possibilities that he/she has tried to or will apply;
  • The PAW+-related events that the applicant has attended

Service: If the award is granted, the awardee needs to send a short description about the conference (~150 words) and a picture to the webmaster of PAW+. This will be used for publicity purposes such as the PAW website.

Deadline: There are two application periods in a year: spring semester and fall semester.  Deadline for fall is the end of October, and for spring is the end of April. 

Contact for questions: If you have any questions, please email Källan (PAW+ president) at

Please send your applications to Doug at faculty advisor) .

N.B. Those awarded the Travel Fund need to make sure that their exact travel plans are communicated to the Treasurer at least a week before traveling (these are university-wide regulations).  There may be additional paperwork if you are traveling internationally.


PAW+ Travel Fund Recipients

Spring 2017

Our Spring 2017 Travel Award recipient was Parul Maheshwari.  In her own words:

“I presented my work on analyzing the logic structure of a Boolean network at NetSci2017 ( which is the flagship conference of the Network Science Society. The conference held at JW Marriott, Indianapolis also included International School and many Satellite Symposia and brought together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry working in various fields including physics, computer science, neuroscience, etc. My talk was featured in the “Tools and Techniques” section and was attended by 50+ network science researchers from various fields across the world.”

Congrats Parul! 

Spring 2016

PAW wants to recognize the recipients of the Travel fund for Spring 2016:  Beatrice Bonga and Foteini Oikonomou!  Both of them will be using their awards to give invited talks.  Beatrice will use the funds to attend the “Peyresq Physics 21” conference in France.  She was selected as one of a handful of students to give an invited talk.  Foteini is going to attend “Next Generation Techniques in Astroparticle Physics at KICP in Chicago.  She will give an invited theoretical overview of ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) and neutrinos.  Congrats to both of you!

foteini beatrice

Spring 2015

PAW wants to congratulate our new recipient of the PAW Travel Fund, Kelly Malone!  Kelly will be using the money to attend the Fermi Summer School in Lewes, Delaware for two weeks in the early summer.  She will learn theory and techniques relevant to the analysis of gamma ray astrophysics projects, with an emphasis on data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.  Congrats Kelly!


Fall 2014

PAW is delighted to announce that Anne-Sylvie Deutsch and Sumithra Surendralal will be the first recipients of the PAW Travel Fund Award for Fall 2014!  Anne-Sylvie will give a poster presentation at “The Primordial Universe after Planck” conference in Paris from December 15-19.  Sumithra will attend the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Washington, DC from November 14-19, where she will also present a poster about her work.  Congratulations to them both!

Travel-Sumithra Travel-Anne-Sylvie

Sumithra (left) and Anne-Sylvie (right)