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September, 2015

  1. Toy Story

    September 29, 2015 by Graham Pellegrino

    Toy Story is one my favorite movies and is one I have been watching since I was a child.  Disney Pixar is one of the best combinations of movie companies to ever work together to make movies.  All of their movies have elements for both adults and children; resulting in the success that their movies have.  But even their most classic and recognizable film, Toy Story has a plot hole involving Buzz Lightyear.

    Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen, enters as the new toy in Andy’s room and is greeted by the other toys.  Buzz denies he is a toy and does not know what they are talking about.  To Buzz he really is THE Buzz Lightyear.  He thinks his light-up laser is real and can actually freeze and shoot the other toys.  Buzz thinks when he takes off his helmet he would be choked by the foreign air.  But none of these things are real.  Buzz Lightyear thinks he really is a Star Commander, but he is just a toy.  So if Buzz thinks he is real space warrior, why did he fall down when Andy walked in the room, like all the other toys?  Did he fall to peer pressure?  Did he seem the giant human and just collapse?  Was it his innate sense of actually being a toy?  This question of why does Buzz fall like the other toys, is a plot hole in the movie.  If Buzz truly believes he is a space commander, then why does he act like a toy when his human Andy appears.

    This is only a minor plot hole to the movie, but it is a short break in Buzz’s character.  Toy Story is still one of the greatest animated movie by Disney-Pixar and of all time, but this minor plot hole is just a slip up by the writers.

  2. Fight Club

    September 24, 2015 by Graham Pellegrino

    My favorite movie of all time is Fight Club directed by David Fincher.  The acting by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter is excellent as they portray grimy, white collar Americans.  The movie’s secretive character of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), keeps the audience constantly captivated as he starts as a simple soap salesman but evolves into a much more elaborate character, setting up Fight Clubs and Project Mayhem chapters around the country.  The strange Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) actually acts as a point of sanity in the whole movie.  Now I really have not given away too much but if you have not seen the movie and do not want it ruined for you, stop reading now as I am about to drop some serious spoilers, and plot holes.

    While Fight Club is an excellent movie due to the nature of the twist ending there are some questions raised.  The fight clubs that are set up have very strict rules.  There really are not any loopholes to the rules, and all the members are pretty loyal followers of the rules.  The main character and leader of the club Ed Norton is even attacked when he breaks one of the rules.  So why then when Bob fights Ed Norton does he keep his shirt on?  One of the rules of fight club is no shirts, belts or shoes.  Is it simply because Bob is fat that he keeps his shirt on?  For a movie that focuses a lot on following the strict rules of a cult they let this one slide.  But that is probably because the actor playing Bob was not really fat, but wearing a fat suit for the movie.  Still when rule following is a huge emphasis of the movie it would make more sense to at least explain why one of the rules of fight club is broken.

    It is revealed that Ed Norton’s character has dissociated personalities, and that Tyler Durden is just a figment of his mind.  While this explains many of the questions between Ed Norton’s character and Marla, why people keep mistaking him for Tyler Durden, and how it came to be that his apartment exploded; the revealing of the dissociative personalities also leaves some questions.  In one scene where Tyler is driving the car and Ed Norton is in the passenger seat who is really driving the car? When Ed Norton gets beat up it can be explained that he simply hit himself, but when it was himself really driving the car he was also in the passenger seat too?  Additionally when Ed Norton goes on long rants about Tyler, why does no one question who this Tyler is?  Many of the situations are explained or if just thought back upon make sense, but the driving of the car scene and rants to other club members about Tyler seem to beckon a lack of thinking in some places. All together though, Fight Club is a fantastic movie, with the surprise twist ending of dissociative personality, that Tyler is really just a part of Ed Norton’s mind capping off an already incredibly mysterious, entertaining movie.

  3. The Mummy Returns

    September 15, 2015 by Graham Pellegrino

    The Mummy Returns is the sequel movie to the success and brilliant movie The Mummy.  However, as with many sequels it does not live up to the quality of the first movie.  The story and acting is excellent again.  Brandon Frasier is the cool action hero, Rachel Weisz is the Egyptian expert, John Hannah the comic relief as the bumbling fool, Oded Fehr is the mystic warior, Arnold Vosloo the scary evil mummy, and Patricia Velasquez in the murderous henchman role.  All part of the cast that made the first movie so good came back and did a fantastic job, but some obvious plot holes were brought up in the second movie that were unexplainably missed in the first one.  The two most obvious plot holes in the movie revolve around the two main characters; Rick O’Connell (Brandon Frasier) and Evelyn O’Connell/Nefertiri (Rachel Weisz) and how characteristics about them are brought up in the second movie, but not the first.

    In The Mummy Returns Rick O’Connell has a strange new tattoo on his forearm that was not in the first movie.  The tattoo symbolizes warrior/fighter but is not existent in on his arm in the first movie of the series.  The whole point of the tattoo is that it meant Rick had a destiny to bring peace to the people of the region over the mummy.  If this is such an important part of Rick’s life and destiny why did he not have this important tattoo in the first movie?  The whole idea of the tattoo and importance to his life seems to be an afterthought of the first movie, added in for the sequel movie.

    A second large plot hole in The Mummy Returns is Evelyn’s past life as Nefertiri.  Anck-Su-Namun recognizes Evelyn as Nefertiri in The Mummy Returns but she ran into her many times in the first movie and never referenced her as Nefertiri.  The past life battle ragging between the two of them in the second movie is never addressed in the original movie.  If Anck-Su-Namun recognizes Evelyn as her mortal enemy, Nefertiri, why do they not recognize each other in the first movie?  This intense battle between the two does not make sense to start in the second movie if it was not present in the first movie.

    Plot holes of The Mummy Returns aside the series of movies is very entertaining.  The second movie does not have total consistency with the first book, but both are still excellent movies.  The third and final movie of the series however is not worth your time, as it breaks away from the theme of the first two movies and is just laughable at some moments.  Forgetting about the third installment The Mummy series is a great pair of action movies.

  4. Star Wars: A New Hope

    September 9, 2015 by Graham Pellegrino

    So for my first post I thought I would find the plot hole in the sci-fi classic Star Wars: A New Hope.  Growing up I loved watching the Star Wars movies, even if the new trilogy of my generation is far inferior to the original trilogy of the 1970’s and 80’s.  Lazy Sunday afternoons consisted of trying to convince my parents to let my brother and I watch just one more of the movies in the series after already spending hours on the couch, plastic lightsabers in hand.  As much as I loved the movies as a child, as I got older I started to notice things that were not consistent in the movies.  In the first movie alone I found a few scenes and ideas that do not make sense in the Star Wars universe and movie.


    In the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope Princess Leia’s rebel ship is captured by the Empire and Lord Vader.  In a desperate effort to not lose the details of the rebel base, Leia stashes the plans in a droid R2-D2 and sends him and his protocol droid partner, C-3PO to the planet Tatooine in an escape pod.  As the pod flies away from Leia’s ship the Empire has the opportunity to blast it with a laser cannon, but opts not to as there are no life forms on board.  Empire protocol is to shoot all escape pods fleeing from captured vessels, but as the TV show Family Guy points out in their spoof of Star Wars, are the gunners being payed by the shot?  Just because there are no life forms detected why the Imperial gunner does not take the shot is a mystery.  The Empire would not lose any significant power or wealth from one more laser shot being fired.  Due to the Empire not taking the shot R2-D2 and C-3PO escape from the Empire, land safely on Tatooine, and cause the events of Star Wars to carry out.  If the Imperial gunner had just done his job the entire plot of the Star Wars series is wrecked as Luke Skywalker does not wander out in the dessert, meet Obi Wan Kenobi, and begin his Jedi training; which ultimately leads to the fall of the Empire.  Director George Lucas allowing the pod to escape because no life forms are detected is a major plot point that without this slip up by the Empire, causes the entire plot of the Star Wars franchise to collapse.


    So as much as I love Star Wars this plot hole by George Lucas is widely criticized and made fun of.  However, if you can get over this fault by the Empire, Star Wars is an amazing series of movies that I would recommend to both the casual movie watcher and movie fanatics everywhere.

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