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Toy Story

September 29, 2015 by Graham Pellegrino   

Toy Story is one my favorite movies and is one I have been watching since I was a child.  Disney Pixar is one of the best combinations of movie companies to ever work together to make movies.  All of their movies have elements for both adults and children; resulting in the success that their movies have.  But even their most classic and recognizable film, Toy Story has a plot hole involving Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen, enters as the new toy in Andy’s room and is greeted by the other toys.  Buzz denies he is a toy and does not know what they are talking about.  To Buzz he really is THE Buzz Lightyear.  He thinks his light-up laser is real and can actually freeze and shoot the other toys.  Buzz thinks when he takes off his helmet he would be choked by the foreign air.  But none of these things are real.  Buzz Lightyear thinks he really is a Star Commander, but he is just a toy.  So if Buzz thinks he is real space warrior, why did he fall down when Andy walked in the room, like all the other toys?  Did he fall to peer pressure?  Did he seem the giant human and just collapse?  Was it his innate sense of actually being a toy?  This question of why does Buzz fall like the other toys, is a plot hole in the movie.  If Buzz truly believes he is a space commander, then why does he act like a toy when his human Andy appears.

This is only a minor plot hole to the movie, but it is a short break in Buzz’s character.  Toy Story is still one of the greatest animated movie by Disney-Pixar and of all time, but this minor plot hole is just a slip up by the writers.


  1. Marvin Barnhill says:

    I never even thought of this point. This is completely valid however. You would expect him to continue to gain control of the room as he did before Andy walked in. I don’t believe there was much of a reaction time before he fell either. Maybe this was our first glimpse of him budging into actually believing he’s a toy rather than real.

  2. Taylor Pawlik says:

    I never really thought about why Buzz never fell down to be honest…I’m actually terrible at picking out movie plot holes. I really enjoyed reading this because Toy Story is such a classic movie. I think maybe, if I had to explain the plot hole, it might be because of Buzz’s “innate sense of being a toy.” This might be because Buzz eventually realizes he is a toy, which also may be Buzz succumbing to peer pressure. It’s all speculation, though!

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