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Oceans 11

October 13, 2015 by Graham Pellegrino   

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One of the great robbery movies of the early 2000’s was Oceans 11.  Focusing on Danny Ocean and his quest for money and revenge on Terry Benedict the movie is compelling and action packed.  The cast is on a whole other level as well.  George Clooney is fresh out of prison, cunning, and looking to make some money.  Brad Pitt and Matt Damon co-star as important henchmen to Ocean’s plan to rob Terry Benedict’s three Las Vegas casinos all in one night.  Andy Garcia portrays Terry Benedict, the ruthless casino owner who stole Reuben’s (a friend of Danny Ocean) property and stole Ocean’s wife, Tess Ocean played by Julia Roberts.  Whit an assortment of other characters Ocean and his gang attempt to steal over $150 million from Terry Benedict.  But part of the robbery plan does not make sense.  The viewer has a general idea of what is happening in the heist, but in order to keep the audience captivated, all the details are not revealed until after the heist is complete.

Once inside the vault where all the money is, the heist involves a clever way in getting the money out of the casino, back to the team.  Ocean plans it so that Benedict’s team takes the bags of money left behind by the robbers to an airport away from the casino.  These bags of money have been filled with pamphlets to a strip club, and not really money.  This way when Ocean and his team come back disguised as a SWAT team, they take the real bags of money and walk away with it unsuspected.  This might be a confusing description of events and it is confusing watching the movie as well.  It took me a few times watching it and explanations by my friends to fulling grasp what had happened.  How elaborate the plan is, is what makes the movie so fun to watch.  The plot hole however, is how did Ocean and his team get the fake money, or strip club flyers into the vault?  When Benedict’s men arrive in the vault and take the flyers the only people to have been in the vault were Yen, Linus (Matt Damon), and Danny Ocean.  Yen slipped in hidden inside a food delivery cart, Danny and Linus were let in by Yen, and never were carrying bags.  So how did the flyers get in the vault?  Director Steven Soderbergh even admits in an interview after the movie was released that this is a plot hole in the logic of the film.  It is generally overlooked because these details are released to the audience after the heist has happened and many people are wrapping their heads around just the basics of how the robbery was pulled off.

Oceans 11 is an incredibly interesting movie to watch, simply because of how difficult it is for the criminals to pull off the crime.  While one little plot hole is made, the overall movie is fantastic and just intricate to watch.  If anyone has any explanation on how the flyers got into the vault I would love to know, or if you just have an idea of another plot hole in Oceans 11 or an idea for a future movie plot hole jut let me know!


  1. Kristen Ninosky says:

    I have always heard of this movie but never got around to watching it. Now, I am wondering why I have never seen it! It sounds very interesting, and with the addition of the plot hole I’m sure I’ll be left thinking about the outcome for days. This blog is great for me to read because I’m not a huge movie person, so your posts help me figure out what movies I should finally watch.

  2. Derek Bannister says:

    This is a really interesting and somewhat disheartening thing to hear. This movie sounds really good but I must admit that noticing plot holes like this can really ruin a movie for me. For example, in The Dark Knight Rises, for some strange reason they send the entirety of the police force underground (where they all get trapped) which seems like a terribly stupid mistake to make, and a mistake that really only allows for the plot to take off without the inconvenience of a police force.

  3. Erin Brubaker says:

    I really think I need to watch more movies… This movie sounds so good. Same with the cast. My roommate thinks I’m really weird because I haven’t seen like any movie. I didn’t even know that a lot of plot holes in movies existed. I’m probably not the best person to go to for ideas, but I’m going to keep reading this blog to find new movies to watch.

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