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The Santa Clause

October 20, 2015 by Graham Pellegrino   

The Santa Clause with Tim Allen is a Christmas holiday classic.  Released in 1994 the movie was a must during the Christmas break for my brother and I as we grew up.  Tim Allen portrays a loving father who does not  believe in Santa Clause.  On Christmas Eve Tim Allen and his son hear something, go outside, and accidentally kill Santa Clause.  Tim Allen is then forced to assume the role as Santa Clause himself.  Running into problems of being a first year Santa ensue, and it takes a bit of Christmas magic for Tim Allen to successfully pull off his first year behind the reigns.  This film is fun for the whole family, and is still entertaining as you age.  But there is one plot hole behind the premise that if you think about does not make sense.

Tim Allen in the beginning of the movie claims he does not believe in Santa Clause.  So naturally all the gifts under the tree for his son must be from Tim Allen himself, family, or friends.  So when Tim Allen’s son each year gets gifts from Santa, why does Tim Allen not question where they are from?  These gifts that Tim Allen did not buy appear beneath his tree each year for his son labeled from “Santa Clause”, yet Tim Allen continues to claim there is no Santa. How do parents all over the world not believe in Santa, and explain the mysterious gifts under the tree that they themselves, the parents, did not buy.  This does not makes sense logically.  Tim Allen gets mysterious gifts under his tree from a man named Santa, and yet he never believes in Santa Clause?  This does not makes sense why parents do not believe in Santa.

This plot hole does not really ruin anything major in the movie, but does not really make sense with why parents do not believe in Santa with the mysterious presents from Santa.  Overall  it is still a great holiday film.  If I missed some explanation of this whether its Tim Allen’s first Christmas with his son or simply Christmas magic I would appreciate an explanation!

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  1. Brad Way says:

    First off, how messed up is it that Tim Allen killed Santa? I mean, it’s inferred, for sure, but dang. When you think about that, Tim Allen’s whole career as Santa stems from manslaughter. But anyways, I totally agree with you. Logically, who else would be putting these gifts under the tree, if not the parent? Good post.

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