Blog Recap: Day 2 of Functions and Algebra

We opened the day with a discussion of equity and access in the classrooms.  Equal treatment may not always be fair treatment, and how that plays out in both our classrooms and districts.

Along these lines a few resources came up:

Equity or EqualityWe then reviewed the previous night’s homework by creating posters detailing our solutions and then sharing the posters.  We found this to not work as well for the problems that did not allow for multiple solutions.

The day’s content centered around problems which involved lines.  Yesterday’s problems were best described as proportions, as 0 of one quantity (e.g., rice) corresponded to 0 of the other (e.g., water).  Today’s lines had a y-intercept which was something other than 0.  We also saw how the slope of a line corresponds to a rate of how quickly the line rises as one moves to the right.  These were explored via the Currency Conversion with Exchange Fee and Burning Candle problems.


  • Reading assignment “Turning Traditional Textbook Problems into Open-Ended Problems”
  • Module 1


  • Read “Turning Traditional Textbook Problems into Open-Ended Problems”
  • Page 1.30, problem 2 (both a and b).  Also look at Problem 3 as a challenge.


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