Blog Recap: Day 5 of Functions & Algebra

The end of an amazing 10 days!  So amazing that it has taken me two days to write this recap!

We started the day with the post-test, which hopefully went better for everyone than the pre-test.  We moved into a sample of what a “data and statistics” course might be like as we discussed perspectives on the mean, median, and mode.  Then we took some time to talk about professionalism and what it means to be a professional in teaching.  Each of us set a goal for ourselves as to how to better our teaching or our school in the coming year.

After lunch we embarked on a sort of “capstone” for our discussions of linear functions with “Bungee Barbie & Kamikaze Ken.”  We collected data, modeled that data with a line, and then made some predictions as to how many rubber bands will be needed to give Barbie as much of a thrill as possible (Mathematical Practice #4, not to mention #1, #2, #5, and #6) .   The slope and y-intercept had immediate importance (at least, they were important to the doll at the end of the bungee).

We ended the day with each participant sharing one mathematical idea they solidified and one teaching idea that really resonated with them.  After handing out the certificates, we all went home exhausted but, hopefully, enlightened.


  • Bungee Barbie and Kamikaze Ken (two pages)
  • Certificate


  • Push yourself to look “under the hood” and find the mathematical underpinnings of why a process works.
  • Read through all of Principles to Action.
  • Achieve your teaching goals.

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