Monthly Archives: January 2015

2014 Follow-up Session

This morning (January 31) we had our follow-up session with  the 2014 workshop participants.  We heard a lot of great things going on in teachers’ classrooms, and we’re excited that PMI could help make that difference.  Thanks to those of you who made it up to State College to share your thoughts.

The Resources page has been updated with many of the materials we talked about today, but I’ll repeat them here:

2015 Workshops in planning

Workshops for 2015 are in the planning stages.  We expect to repeat the 2014 workshops July 20-24 (Math as a Second Language) and July 27-31 (Functions and Algebra) at University Park.  We are also looking to do a third workshop, with a topic and location to be determined.

We will begin accepting applications March 16, and applicants will be notified of their status by May 1.

Update 3/17: See the Summer 2015 Workshops page for more information on the workshops and how to apply.