Announcing: The PMI Summer 2017 Workshops

We are ready to announce our Summer 2017 PMI Workshops!

The workshops will run Monday through Friday, July 17-28, at the University Park Campus.  Workshops are designed for current K-5 teachers and school leaders.  Participation is free, although seating is limited.

See Summer 2017 Workshops for details and an application.

2 thoughts on “Announcing: The PMI Summer 2017 Workshops

  1. Randy E. Smith

    Please consider adding a few basic stats’ about participation. A simple bar chart either by year, or session (etc.) would show the growing popularity of this program which in turn [should] encourage a higher rate of participation.

    Thank you Penn State for taking the initiative to do this for school teachers – this is needed across the whole U.S. This is needed at all levels – especially middle school / junior high school.

  2. Lisa Kowalczyk

    Hello! I would like to register for the Summer 2017 PMI Workshop at the main campus in State College, PA.

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