PMI@Berks Day 1 (6/26/17)

We are off to a great start for PMI at Berks.  We have 22 participants from 7 districts, with every grade level from Kindergarten to 6th represented.

This evening’s homework is as follows:

  • Read Principles to Actions pages 1-11 and pages 17-24.
    • Reflect on a task you have assigned your class, and analyze it from the perspective of what level of cognitive demand it makes.
  • Choose 3 categories from the “Spectrum of Subtraction” in Block 2, Page 9.  For each one, write a word problem appropriate for your grade level.  We will share these on Tuesday.
  • Complete both “Addition and Subtraction Problems” on Block 2, Page 10.


1 thought on “PMI@Berks Day 1 (6/26/17)

  1. Lisa DeRenzo

    Thanks for a great day! Collaborating with district colleagues and educators from surrounding districts is a great way to stay informed about best practices in math! Looking forward to tomorrow and another day of examining math from a variety of perspectives.

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