PMI@UP Summer 2017 Day 2

Here’s what we did today:

Handshake problem: Solved it, watched 3rd graders work on it

Discussed addition and subtraction and the spectrum of scenarios that are addition and subtraction problems.

Discussed Levels of Cognitive Demand. (Addition strings and watching a 1st grade classroom)

We began our discussion of adjective-noun theme.

Here’s what’s due for tomorrow:

Read Principles to Actions: Section titled “Build Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding” (pp. 42-48).

Also read: Webb, Bozwinkel, & Decker. Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg: Using Representations to Support Student Understanding.  MTMS, 2008.  (Handout from class today)

In your notebook: Identify a procedure or skill that you consider essential for students at your grade level to learn. List the conceptual understandings that support students’ learning of the procedure or skill.

Write questions you have about the readings.

Write three problems illustrating different categories of addition and subtraction, as outlined from Block 2, page 8 “you try.”

Work through “Two Gross Problems” in Block 4, page 6.

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