PMI@UP Summer 2017 Day 4

Today we

Talked A LOT about the dot problem

Generated a list of ideas about how to support productive struggle (using Ms. Ramirez and Ms. Flahive as examples):

  • Have your room set up for collaboration
  • Set the climate for day 1
  • Celebrate mistakes (my favorite mistake)
  • Use “can you catch my mistake” problems – Identify my “not yet” – analyze my answer – oops
  • Be honest with kids – tell them what you are doing and why.
  • Acknowledge that learning math/thinking is hard, but we can do it.
  • Practice makes progress, not perfect
  • Build stamina; start where they are; “Think” stage – start with a few seconds and then build up.
  • Ask students to make a plan before starting “solving”
  • Decorate your room with people who succeeded after “failing” several times.
  • Have “hip pocket” responses “what are you thinking?”
  • Figure out where kids might have struggles with the task.
  • Stop talking so much.
  • Make sure you have manipulatives available
  • Have anchor charts

Broke up into grade-level groups and began planning a “first-day lesson” by anticipating student responses

For tomorrow:

Read the Message called “Upside-down teaching”

In your notebook, complete respond to the discussion prompts for teachers at the end of the message (on p. 94). Try to make connections about what we’ve read about and discussed so far in PMI.

Many thanks to Kimberly for baking some delicious chocolate zucchini bread. Her recipe is below. (Bonus question: If you only want to make a half a loaf, how much shredded zucchini do you need? Write the number sentence to describe that scenario.)

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