Daily Recap: Week 1 Friday

We began by continuing our discussion of division with fractions. We drew pictures and looked for patterns in an effort to understand why it works to “invert and multiply.”

Then we reflected on the reading about “Upside-Down Teaching,” and brainstormed ways to shift from I-We-You approaches to You-We-I approaches.

We had time to plan for this shift by looking at curricular materials and plans for the first few weeks of school. We watched a video of the “My favorite no” practice.

We ate a delicious lunch together and some of us said good-bye to Fran. Sadface.

After lunch, Melina shared recommendations for the OGAP frameworks. Thanks, Melina!

We resumed work on operations with fractions. This time we pushed ourselves to develop even deeper understandings of the “invert and multiply” procedure.


1 thought on “Daily Recap: Week 1 Friday

  1. William

    Since you are discussing about the division of fraction which is to invert the divisor fraction before proceeding to multiplication process. I might introduce fraction solver from https://www.fractioncalc.com which I used to check the result when I am done dividing fraction.

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