Daily Recap: Week 2 Monday

This morning we began by discussing algebraic reasoning and reasoning with patterns. We used the Sibling Rivalry problem to illustrate how we can reason around an unknown baseline.

We then discussed modeling positive and negative numbers using a number line, addition and subtraction on that number line, and then we used colored chips to do the same. Thanks, Derrick!

After lunch, we discussed timed tests and teaching basic facts. We read together from this selection from Van de Walle, Karp, and Bay-Williams. Andrea recommended two articles from Teaching Children Mathematics: one about assessing basic facts by Kling and Bay-Williams, and  one about the importance of thinking by Buchholz.


From Principles to Actions (the blue book): Read two sections:

  1. Pose purposeful questions (p. 35)
  2. Elicit and use evidence of student thinking (p. 53)

In your notebook, write a response to these three prompts:

  1. In questioning small groups of students working on a problem, a teacher noticed that when she asked a “focusing” question, the students continued to look at their work and continued to engage in their own dialogue. When she asked a “funneling” question, the students looked up at the teacher. Comment on these observations.
  2. Listen to your audiorecording from today. Use fig. 14 on p. 36 and fig. 16 on p. 39 to write a description of your question patterns.
  3. How might you change your questioning to elicit and then use evidence of your students’ thinking to move the student forward to the mathematical goal of the problem?


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