2019 Summer Workshops

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We are happy to announce we will be offering the following workshops in 2019!

In all cases, the workshops run 9am-4pm every day.  There is an expectation that participants attend for the entirety of every day, and budget an hour each evening for homework and readings.  All workshops are facilitated by Penn State faculty members.

This summer’s workshops will be:

Week 1: Math as a Second Language

  • Content focus on K-5 threads of Number, Operation, and Algebraic Thinking.
  • Pedagogy discussions on research-supported classroom practice for mathematics.

Week 2: Algebraic Thinking and Proportional Reasoning

  • Intended as a continuation of Week 1.  We prefer participants to attend both weeks in the same summer.  Math as a Second Language is a pre-requisite for this workshop.
  • Continues the themes of Math as a Second Language to develop more Algebraic Thinking and Proportional Reasoning.  We explore how elementary mathematics provides the foundation for grades 6-9.
  • Continues pedagogy discussions on research-supported classroom practice for mathematics.

Participation in these workshops is free, but space is limited to 24 participants.  Participants will receive up to 60 credit-hours toward continuing education (Act 48) requirements, as well as a $150/week stipend.  All participants also receive a one-year membership to NCTM.  Participants may also receive compensation for travel or lodging, based on need.

Selection is not first-come-first-served.  Participants are chosen with the intent to balance grade bands, district need, geography, and other factors.

Contact Andrew Baxter amb69@psu.edu with any questions.

University Park

Facilitators: Andrew Baxter, Fran Arbaugh, Andrea McCloskey, and Matt Katz.

  • July 15-19: Math as a Second Language
  • July 22-26: Algebraic Thinking and Proportional Reasoning


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