Blog Recap: 2019 Day 6

In the morning, we welcomed new teachers and started thinking algebraically! We revisted Otto and Hannah (Sibling Rivalry: Unknown Quantities), but this time they were eating Halloween candy, comparing heights, and running!

After lunch, we learned about performance and learning goals (Band Concert Task) and revisited how to use goals to support asking assessing/advancing questions (like we did last week with the Brownie Problem). We then did an activity where we analyzed a set of student work (Walking from School Task) and discussed how goals can support selecting, sequencing, and connecting student work in mathematical discussions (see page 30 of PtoA and the entire section on Facilitate Meaningful Mathematical Discourse). Fran ended the session with this diagram, which shows how goals can inform all of the other 7 PtoA teaching practices:

We ended the day with the “Back and Forth along Euclid Avenue” task – exploring positive and negative numbers! We then did Block 1, page 4 “Adding and Subtracting Signed Numbers via the Number Line.”

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