Blog Recap: 2019 Day 9

We began the day with some more work on linear and proportional relationships through the Purple Paint problems. Then we did Burning the Candle problems. We were especially interested in graphical representations of these scenarios and connected graphical representations to one another (red to blue; blue to red; total to red) and to other representations (tabular, symbolic, contextual). Then we discussed inverse relationships and we concluded by discussing at a “meta” level what things we might be interested in when describing “co-variation.”

After lunch we followed a jigsaw arrangement to discuss the 4 messages (readings are attached). These all come from Cathy Seeley’s messages books. Go here for more info about these books.

Then we spent time looking in our curricular materials, looking for ways we might start the year off well by raising the tasks’ level of cognitive demand, letting things go, incorporating review INTO new materials, supporting productive struggle, etc.

Then we classified sequence problems as linear, proportional, or neither, in order to better appreciate their attributes.

FIS ch. 16

FIS ch. 14

Let it Go..

Effectiveness and Efficiency


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