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2017 Year In Review

2017 has been the biggest year so far for PMI.

  • One-day workshops at Penn State Berks.
    • March 9 and 10.  32 participants total from across 9 school districts
    • Facilitated by Andrew Baxter and Hartono Tjoe
  • A one-day workshop with past participants at University Park
    • March 30.  25 participants from 12 districts
    • Facilitated by Andrew Baxter, Matt Katz, Fran Arbaugh, and Andrea McCloskey
  • Week-long workshops at multiple campuses
    • 95 participants from 37 school districts in total
    • Penn State University Park
      • Math as a Second Language and Algebraic Thinking and Proportional Reasoning.
        • Concurrently, we also had two days for past participants to return and revisit some topics.
      • Facilitated by Andrew Baxter, Matt Katz, Fran Arbaugh, and Andrea McCloskey
    • Penn State Berks
      • Math as a Second Language
      • Facilitated by Andrew Baxter and Hartono Tjoe
    • Penn State Greater Allegheny
      • Math as a Second Language and Algebraic Thinking and Proportional Reasoning.
      • Facilitated by Kuei-Nuan Lin, Beth Lindsey, and Nursen Konuk
    • Penn State Brandywine
      • Math as a Second Language and Algebraic Thinking and Proportional Reasoning.
      • Facilitated by Charles Helou, Marina Skyers, and Kim Schultz
  • Our team of facilitators also conducted for-hire one-day workshops at Curwensville Area School District, Palmyra Area School District, and State College Area School District

We are currently planning the 2018 workshops as we secure funding sources.  We anticipate some contraction, but we expect to run the week-long workshops at University Park in July at the minimum.  Expect official announcements starting January 2018.

Announcing: Week-long workshop at PSU Berks

We are happy to announce we will be offering a week-long workshop at Penn State Berks, June 26-30, entitled Math as a Second Language.

This workshop is comparable to the course of the same name that is also being offered at the University Park, Greater Allegheny, and Brandywine campuses at other times during the summer.   Participants receive travel compensation up to $300, lodging at a local hotel if necessary, and an $800 stipend.

Additional details on this and the other Summer 2017 Workshops is available here:  The application for the Berks workshops is available here:

Participants are chosen based on grade band, district need, and position to impact students.   Applicants will be notified of whether they have been selected by May 20.

Preparing for the Summer 2015 Workshops

I just wanted to post a quick note to say that preparations are underway for the Summer 2015 Workshops.

We were able to fill all 20 available positions for this summer’s workshop from 13 different districts, having received 78 applications before closing the application form.  We strove to pull from a variety of districts, and tried to pull teams of teachers from the same school when possible.  If you were not selected this year, we hope you will apply again next year.  We expect to be offering the same two weeks in 2016 at University Park, as well as a version of the workshops at the Commonwealth Penn State campuses of Greater Allegheny and Brandywine.

2014 Follow-up Session

This morning (January 31) we had our follow-up session with  the 2014 workshop participants.  We heard a lot of great things going on in teachers’ classrooms, and we’re excited that PMI could help make that difference.  Thanks to those of you who made it up to State College to share your thoughts.

The Resources page has been updated with many of the materials we talked about today, but I’ll repeat them here:

PMI Press

There have been several articles about the Summer 2013 PMI Workshops:

Announcing: Summer 2013 Workshops

We are proud to offer two workshops this summer, and are currently seeking participants!

Week 1, July 8-12: Mathematics as a Second Language
Week 2, July 15-19: Functions, Algebra, and Geometry

See the Summer 2013 Workshops page for more details and how you can be a part of this exciting new program!

We have completed our Summer 2013 Workshops, with great success! Please contact us if you are interested in future workshops.